If you’ve been to a car show lately, you may have noticed a new breed of enthusiasts – the ‘trendspotters’. But are they harmful of helpful to the world of modified car events?

By Joe Dawes, Fast Car Videographer

Every year we witness the emergence of new trends, fads and gimmicks in the world of car shows. Previously these have included low car limbos, rev-offs and car spotters. For the most part, these crazes pass under the radar without generating too much attention, and people are left to do their own thing.

However, this year has brought about the term ‘Trendspotters’. This refers to the group of people, often young teenagers, who chase around the hypercars, supercars and the most popular models with the aim of capturing photos and videos to plaster all over their social media channels.

These young teenagers can be seen chasing hypercars, supercars, and popular models, all in pursuit of capturing the perfect social media moment. But are these trendspotters ruining car shows? Or are they ensuring the popularity, and therefore the future, of these events? Well, there’s arguments on both sides of the fence, so let’s unpick them…

The Rise of Trendspotters

It’s hard to miss the distinctive scream of a Lamborghini starting up at a car show. This sound alone is enough to draw a flock of 13-year-olds scrambling to record it, enthusiastically shouting “REV IT!” or “DO A BURNOUT!” in the process. They eagerly manoeuvre their way to the front, leaving other spectators pushed aside and relegated to the back of the crowd. And when a Supra makes an appearance, the excitement and joy amongst these pre-pubescent enthusiasts reach unparalleled levels.

The Backlash towards Trendspotters

While social media has shed light on the trendspotting phenomenon, it has also illuminated a darker side. Many self-proclaimed “proper car enthusiasts” have voiced their discontent towards these young trendspotters. The comment sections of their videos are filled with hate, criticizing them for merely running around taking photos.

But hasn’t that always been a thing? Hasn’t a loud modified car always drawn a crowd? When was the last time you saw a Bugatti without an audience?

A Nostalgic Perspective

Personally, I don’t see any issue with this behaviour. It takes me back to my 12-year-old self running around car shows with a little digital camera. I was overwhelmed by the opportunity to finally see the cars I grew up playing with on Gran Turismo and Need For Speed. I still have numerous old photos I took at shows while growing up, and they still bring back fond memories of the joy I felt seeing automotive icons of the time.

Out of the countless people I now know in the automotive industry, I cannot think of a single one who wouldn’t pull out their phone and snap a few pictures if they stumbled upon their dream car parked somewhere. So why is it any different for these car show trendspotters? They get to see their favourite cars, and let’s be honest, the owners don’t mind it one bit. So, where’s the issue?

The Importance of Perspective

As we all know, the car community, especially the modified car community, harbours strong opinions. A lot of this stems from the belief that you must know everything about everything to call yourself a true car enthusiast. I believe this is where the distaste for trendspotters originates. A quick glance at the Trendspotter video comments section will quickly reveal the prevailing opinion that these kids “know nothing about cars” and therefore are not welcome to enjoy what they’re seeing.

So what? Does it really matter if Little Timmy hasn’t even mentioned the 1 of 500 Sierra Cosworth RS500 over there? Or if he walked straight past a Lancia Delta Integrale to get a snap of of a modified Huracan? If that’s your preference, then be grateful you have a quiet spot to admire it. The fact that kids would rather look at a Mk4 Supra than a vintage race car or a mint-condition homologation special seems to offend some people. But rather than shaming those who perhaps don’t know the full story behind some of the cars on display, why not take the time to enlighten them?

Letting the Next Generation Have Their Time

We were all once awe-struck young kids, admiring our first bedroom wall poster car in the flesh. So why not allow the next generation of car enthusiasts their time to revel in their dream cars? After all, the next generation of trendspotters will most likely be chasing down the hum of a Tesla battery! So, let’s celebrate their passion and joy while they still can!

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Ford Fair

Silverstone Circuit
Europe’s Biggest & Best Ford Festival
Sunday 11th August 2024

Ford Fair returns to Silverstone for another unforgettable event. With over 5,000 cars on display, Ford Fair is the must attend event for Blue Oval fans. With Fords on display from all over the UK and beyond, there is enough to keep the whole family busy. Competitions will be in full force, with prizes up for grabs for Best Club Stand and Show & Shine winners.

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TRAX 2024

Silverstone Circuit
The Ultimate Performance Car Event

Sunday 1st September 2024

TRAX, Britain’s biggest performance car show is back at Silverstone Circuit for 2024!

This ultimate performance car event will feature live track action on the Silverstone Circuit, and gives you the opportunity to unleash your inner racing driver with public track time.

Along with all-day action on the track and some show-stopping static displays, there will be a massive Retail Village packed with car-related parts, accessories, clothing and much more, with some exclusive show discounts. This show is not to be missed!


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Mallory Park Circuit
Sunday 22nd September 2024

Brought to you by the team behind Ford Fair and Classic Ford Show, FordFest returns to its new home Mallory Park Circuit on Sunday 22nd September 2024.

As the ultimate Ford Show, we’ll bring you a collection of well-loved Fords from all eras. Whether you’re a fan of pristine retro icons or track-ready monsters, we’ll bring together the best examples in the Ford tuning scene.

Fast Ford and Classic Ford Magazine will of course be at the heart of FordFest. The editors of both magazines will put on some awesome displays of feature cars past and present.


German Car Festival

Goodwood Motor Circuit
Saturday 5th October 2024

The German Car Festival returns and finds a new home at Goodwood Circuit on 05 October 2024. Following the success of our inaugural show at Silverstone, anticipate a showcase of top-tier German car brands, including VW, Porsche, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, and BMW. From captivating static displays to thrilling track action, we are thrilled to present the German Car Festival at Goodwood, promising an unforgettable automotive celebration.


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Classic Japfest

Goodwood Motor Circuit
Sunday 6th October 2024

Classic Japfest is the ultimate blast from the past, celebrating classic Japanese cars in style at the iconic Goodwood Circuit. Picture this: you’re transported back to the days when legendary Japanese rides ruled the roads. It’s all about those classic cars from before 2004, giving you a glimpse into the rich history of automotive greatness.

Now, the choice of Goodwood Circuit as our venue adds that extra touch of charm. Tucked away in the picturesque Sussex countryside, it’s the perfect setting for showcasing these classic Japanese beauties.