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Top 20 Bad Driving Habits

Top 20 Bad Driving Habits

Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 14th August 2017

Posting selfies behind the wheel, horn happy drivers and litterbugs have been voted by Brits as the top modern day driving irritations, in a new study released today.

Over half (57%) of Brits surveyed said that being tailgated by other road users is the biggest driving annoyance, whilst aggressive driving (55%) and failing to indicate (53%) also grinds their gears.

Research shows how digital devices continue to distract drivers, with texting at the wheel (47%), using social media whilst driving (31%) and taking selfies (24%) featuring in the top 20 modern day driving nuisances.

The research was commissioned by Kwik Fit, who polled 2,000 British adult motorists on their top modern day driving irritations, to highlight the importance of being considerate to other drivers.

Brit’s Top 20 Modern Day Driving Irritations are revealed as:
1. Tailgating (57%)
2. Aggressive Driving (55%)
3. Not Indicating (53%)
4. Inconsiderate parking (50%)
5. Texting at the wheel (47%)
6. Lack of courtesy (saying thank you to fellow road users) (46%)
7. Changing lanes at the last second (45%)
8. Littering – throwing junk out of the window (43%)
9. Hogging the middle lane (41%)
10. Last minute braking (40%)
11. Dawdling drivers (32%)
12. Using social media whilst driving (31%)
13. Undertaking (30%)
14. Speeding (30%)
15. Not obeying the ‘right of way’ signs (29%)
16. Not letting other cars in a lane (28%)
17. Horn-happy drivers – e.g. beeping the horn at other drivers at a green traffic light (27%)
18. Not giving pedestrians priority at the zebra crossing (25%)
19. Taking selfies whilst in traffic (24%)
20. Road users being rude to cyclists (19%)