AMS Performance is a big name in Nissan tuning circles. Having mastered the GT-R, the company is now turning its attention to the new Nissan Z.

Overall, the new Nissan Z is a car which has yet to receive much love, either on the dealer forecourt, or the aftermarket. We hope that’s about to change though, and so far SEMA 2023 has given us plenty of hope that that’ll be the case. The likes of HKS have rocked up with a Z demonstrator car, as have AMS with this beautiful example, bearing a livery reminiscent of the old 350Z S Tune. However, as good as this car is to look at, it’s arguably more impressive beneath the skin. Here’s the latest catalogue of Nissan Z upgrades from AMS Performance:

showcase of AMS Nissan Z upgrades

AMS Performance Nissan Z upgrades

  • Intercooler – 70.4% increase in core size over factory, CNC billet aluminum end tanks, and upsized air inlets, outlets, and coolant ports. RRP: $2299.95
  • Heat exchanger – when modified, or running under extreme conditions, the VR30 engines get hot and loses power. This heat exchanger helps solve that problem by reducing heat soak. RRP: $899.95
  • Port injection lower manifold – this works alongside the factory direct injection system to aid fueling. RRP: $1499.95
  • Cold air intakes – offer a 23% cross section increase versus the OEM intake pipes, resulting in up to a 15+ WHP gain (with an ECU tune). RRP: $549.95
  • Alpha 10 Turbo kit – perhaps the most exciting item on the list is this one. These newly developed snails can sustain up to 1000WHP, so you never know, maybe we’ll see some utterly insane Nissan Z builds in the near future. For now, the Alpha 10 turbos are still locked up behind closed doors, but pre-orders will be available soon.

To have a closer look at each part, make sure to head over to the AMS Performance website for all the specs and details you need for your build. Or, to see more from this year’s SEMA show, check out our rolling daily report. In the meantime, I’m gonna keep drooling over this demonstrator car.

rear of AMS Nissan Z