Amazon Prime Day is upon us, so we’ve done the hard work for you and gathered some of the best deals on motoring products we could find during the October 10-11 Prime Day sale. Happy shopping!

Amazon Prime Day 2023 has arrived, so if you’re a fan of saving money (aren’t we all?!) scroll down to see what automotive marketplace gems we’ve found.

Oh, and don’t worry if you’re short on time today – due to its popularity, Amazon Prime Day is now a two-day occasion, so you’ve got until the end of October 11th to complete your sweep of the Amazon aisles.

Anyway, enough talk – here’s all you need to know!

Best Amazon Prime Day Motoring Deals

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What is Amazon Prime Day?

Well, if you want to look at it through a cynical lens, Amazon Prime Day is like any other sale, it’s objective is to draw you in with price reductions to purchase items you may not have even thought about purcashing. However, if you’re in need of certain supplies, or if you’ve been eyeing up something on your wishlist for a while, Prime Day is a genuinely great way to save money on those products. A whole host of top tier brands are offering heavily slashed prices, so if there’s ever a time to get your spend on, it’s now!

Before you go rushing to the store though, do bear in mind that you’ll only have access to Prime Day deals if you’re an Amazon Prime member.

How to get the best deals on Amazon Prime Day

Now, while it might be tempting to click on the fanciest products with the biggest price reductions, it always pays to do your homework.

Of course, if you’ve got certain products in mind hat you want to buy, I’m sure you’ll take whatever price reduction is offered. However, if you’re taking more of an opportunistic stance and are browsing more casually, it’s always good to be aware of how much you’re *really* saving.

As is the case with Black Friday, it’s an unspoken fact that some retailers hike their prices up prior to Prime Day, thus making the ensuing reductions look better than they truly are. If you don’t want to be caught out by that, search around to see what price your chosen product is selling for elsewhere, or use a handy online tool such as CamelCamelCamel. This service tracks Amazon prices over extended periods of time, giving you a clear view of how much you’re truly saving compared to earlier in the year.

For example, we checked the history of the Nextbase 422GW dual dash cam to see how much you’re truly saving. From 2020-2021, it’s price ranged between $230-$350 dollars. Since 2021, it’s averaged around $300. During Amazon Prime Day, it has a quoted 33% off, which gives it it’s lowest price point ever at $209.99. It always pays off to do that extra search to ensure you are getting the savings quoted.

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