Vehicle wrap firm, Inozetek, has got a real beauty on its stand at SEMA this year. The Alex Choi McLaren 720S channels Le Mans vibes for the street.

Modified supercars are a pretty common trend these days. In fact, there’s dozens of them at this year’s SEMA convention. However, it’s not often that one leaves an impression as great as great as this Alex Choi McLaren 720S. YouTuber Choi has pulled together an army of aftermarket specialists to create a modern homage to the McLaren Le Mans racers of the nineties, bestowing this project car with the title of ‘720LM’.

Rear of Alex Choi's McLaren 720S

Let’s start by focusing on the aesthetics. First of all, big props to Alex Choi, because he designed this car from scratch. His ideas then became a render thanks to Karan Adivi, before finally entering the realm of reality once Battle Aero handled the fabrication.

I’m not usually a fan of grey (or variants of grey) cars, but Inozetek’s satin aluminum dynamic PPF suits this 720S to a tee. In fact, I’d say the finish looks even better in person than it does in these pictures. The rim choice really enhances that motorsport feel, with Rotiform ROCs at the back, and Rotiform AeroDiscs at the front. Those are wrapped in Bridgestone tires.

Rotiform AeroDiscs

It’s fair to say that all this effort isn’t just for show either. Pure Turbos have boosted the engine, and the car’s even got new active aero by Intelliaero. Meanwhile, Sheepeyrace has constructed a titanium exhaust which winds its way up through a central opening behind the ducktail. Everywhere you look around this car, you find another cool fine detail.

custom exhaust piping

Undoubtedly this project will have cost an eye-watering sum, but for me, it might be the best modified supercar at SEMA 2023 as a result. What do you reckon? Check out more SEMA coverage over on our rolling daily report.