ABT has revealed its latest project, the RS3-S, which tweaks the current Audi RS3 to 485hp along with some visual and chassis modifications.

We know what you’re thinking, haven’t ABT already released an RS3? You aren’t wrong. It was called the RS3-R, and produced a whopping 500hp. That being said, ABT are back for another slice of the action, this time introducing the RS3-S, which is a dialled back version of the all-guns-blazing RS3-R.

front 3/4 shot of ABT Audi RS3-S hatchback

What do you get on the ABT Audi RS3-S?

ABT has gone about upping the power while also sharpening the dynamics to build what it’s calling is the “golden mean” between the regular car and the all-out RS3-R. As a result, the extra power comes about thanks to ABT’s plug ‘n’ play kit, which boosts the power up to 485hp without tampering the ECU.

abt rs3-s saloon

On the chassis side of things, there are new lowering springs, dropping the ride height 30mm alongside 20-inch wheels. You’ll also notice the assortment of carbon fibre accessories adding in more aggression over the standard model.  At the back, new 95mm tailpipes suitable fill the diffuser.

Inside, it’s a case of smaller touches that add in a pinch of uniqueness. There’s an ABT starter button, mats and badges.

ABT RS3-S mats

How much does the ABT upgrade cost?

For the whole RS3-S conversion kit on a hatchback car, ABT is asking for €17,900 (£15,300) plus assembly.  Which for a jump in 85hp, seems like a whole lot of money. But factor in the exclusivity of ABT, plus the carbon fibre elements alongside the springs and wheels and it starts to make more sense. For saloon cars, that’s €16,600 (£14,200).

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