The Brabus 900 Rocket R is a 992-gen Porsche on steroids. Here’s all that you need to know about this ultra-rare, tuned masterpiece.

Last week, we gave you a glimpse behind the curtain at the Brabus Signature Night, an annual event where the German tuning house shows off its latest modified creations. Amongst the highlights was a new entry into the brand’s extreme ‘Rocket’ range; a nameplate handed only to its wildest beasts.

In the past, it was always larger luxury cars – particularly big Mercs – that got the high-velocity treatment, but now, Brabus has turned its attention to something a little more svelte. Indeed, German cars don’t get much more sporty than the 992-gen Porsche 911. So, what does a 911 become when Brabus has their way with it? We were excited to find out…

Brabus 900 Rocket R

Brabus 900 Rocket R rear

Powertrain Specs

Let’s start with what you’re all reading this for: the numbers. Well, buckle up, ‘cos here they come.

0-60mph is achievable in just 2.5 seconds from a standstill, and if you keep your foot buried to the floor, you’ll reach 120mph in 7.2. For context, we might consider that, ‘bloody rapid’. Max speed? Officially it’s 211mph, but if you were to remove the electronic limiter, your guess is as good as mine. I’d think twice about actually unrestricting it though, as the reason for Brabus doing that in the first place was to protect the integrity of the tires…

Oh, and as the name suggests, this monster of a car has got 900 horsepower up its sleeve, while the torque figure stands at 738lb ft (or a nice, round 1000Nm).

To achieve those figures, Brabus takes the regular 3.8-liter block found in a 911 Turbo S (which outputs 650hp from factory) and replaces the stock snails with two of their own high-performance turbochargers. The power unit then links up to Porsche’s 8-speed dual-clutch transmission, complete with paddle shift, and as this thing is AWD it hopefully shouldn’t be too much of a widow-maker.

Plus, those of you who share our opinion that modern cars can sometimes sound quite muted will be delighted to learn that Brabus has added its own high-grade Inconel exhaust system too. As well as allowing Porsche’s straight-six symphony to sing even louder, it also gives the car a rather juvenile crackle and burble when you lift off the throttle. However, thanks to some electronic valves, you can also manually tone things down a bit if you’d rather have a relaxing cruise instead.

Brabus 900 Rocket R side

Chassis & Handling

Car Tuning 101 tells you that if you make big changes to the powertrain, you’ll also need to adjust the chassis and running gear to cope. Luckily, the 992’s chassis is a pretty sublime canvas to work from, so Brabus hasn’t had to go *too* crazy in this department.

As you’d expect, they’ve developed their own bespoke coilover suspension for the car, featuring fully adjustable shock absorbers to help you strike just the right balance between poise and refinement. Helpfully, these items work perfectly alongside Porsche’s PASM electronic damping system.

You’ll probably also have noticed the very unique rims that this car is sporting. Those are a set of forged Brabus Monoblock P Platinum Editions, and they come in a staggered 21-inch front/22-inch rear combination. You’ll find them wrapped in massive Continental SportContact 7 tires.

Brabus 900 Rocket R wheels

Exterior Design

Plenty of work has gone into making this car look the part; it’s visually striking, without coming across as unforgivably obnoxious (something that the likes of Mansory might want to take notes on). The carbon fiber bodywork has been carefully crafted in a high-end wind tunnel, meaning that all those aggressive flares and ducts are functional.

Take the front bumper for instance. It enhances airflow through to the car’s radiator and its brakes, while you can manually adjust the front lip for more or less downforce from within the cockpit. The wheel arches are lined with Kevlar and feature intricate little ducts to aid heat dissipation.

Then, at the rear, you’ll find a new diffuser and wing to create even more downforce, as well as some fancy tailpipes to show off that bespoke exhaust system.

Brabus 900 Rocket R interior

Interior Features

Any luxury car needs a luxury interior, and it’s not as if the standard Turbo S is lacking in that department. Nonetheless, Brabus has put its own twist on the Rocket’s cabin to give clients the full aftermarket boutique experience.

Soft, quilted black leather is present in swathes, covering everything from the seats, to the floor, to the door trim. Those seats are delicately perforated too which Brabus delicately suggests is to aid the “onboard climate control”. What they actually mean is that if you work up a sweat while tackling an alpine pass, the breathability of these seats will help you feel less musty.

On top of that, more carbon fiber is strewn around the center console and door sills – the latter of which also have LED backlit Brabus logos incorporated into them.

However, if something isn’t to your liking, no bother. Brabus allows you to personally specify the interior of your car, albeit at an added cost. Speaking of which…

Price & Availability

If all this sounds rather enticing, indulge yourself in the reveal video below to see the car in action. After all, it might be the closest you ever get to owning one. Only 25 will be built, each costing 461,500 euros – and that’s not counting the tax. In dollars, that equates to around $500,000, while across the pond the price tag resembles something nearer £390,000. Pricey, whichever way you slice it…