In a world chock-full of gigantic rims, it’s nice to see firms still innovating with smaller hoops. In fact, these brand new Style51 15-inchers from 7Twenty are easily one of our favourite wheels of the year.

You’ve got to be a pretty depressed individual not to love a dishy, little five-spoke rim. We can’t think of any small motor these wouldn’t suit either – certainly not anything that comes in the 4×100 flavour these are aimed at.

But just look a little bit closer and you’ll see that they’re rather clever too. It’s not the fact they’re flow-formed to make them lighter than a squirrel’s breakfast (which you can’t see just by looking anyway you tit – Jules). It’s that they come with a choice of two different lip designs offering different offsets.

There’s a ‘flat lip’ version that’s ideal for BBK clearance, and a ‘stepped lip’ job with a more pronounced face that hints at a balls-out motorsport look.
Of course, this also means you can mix and match for a staggered appearance, even if you’re using the same rubber all round.

So, the short of it then, is that there’s even more than usual to love about these lightweight, five-spoke beauties. And that’s before you even get to the price!

Size: 8×15
PCD: 4×100
Offset: ET10 (Flat Lip), ET20 (Stepped Lip)
Finishes: Stone Bronze, Matt Black Centre/Gloss Black Lip

Price £135 (each)

For more info see 7Twenty