The 45th Anniversary Toyota GR Supra is coming in 2024, designed to celebrate the legacy of its much-loved sporty ancestors.

Ahead of the launch of the 2024 model year, Toyota USA has been busy showing off a selection of special editions of its Gazoo Racing (GR) performance line-up.

First came the touge-ready Toyota GR86 Trueno Edition, and now, it’s the turn of another modified icon, the Supra. As it turns out, 2024 is quite a special year for Toyota’s halo models – it’ll be 40 years since the arrival of the giant-killing AE86 Corolla, and 45 since the first appearance of the Supra nameplate. Of course, back then, Supra was simply a high-performance branch of the Celica bloodline, but since that debut it’s become one of Japan’s most iconic models in its own right.

If you ask most enthusiasts, they’ll tell you that it was the fourth-gen 1990s Supra which left the largest cultural footprint. So, it makes sense that according to Toyota, it is that much-heralded A80 that serves as inspiration for the 45th Anniversary special edition. Speaking of which, let’s take a closer look at what’s new.

45th anniversary supra wing

I heard you like rear wings…

What’s better than one rear wing? Two, apparently. Yep, Toyota has stuck a cool new wing on top of the A90’s regular ducktail spoiler, rising three inches taller than normal. It’s manually adjustable too, so you can alter its angle (thus changing its downforce levels) via a simple screw.

There are other cosmetic flourishes to note elsewhere around the car too. The wheel rims, for instance, are the same as a regular GR Supra but offered in a special matte black finish. The dark accents continue with black brake calipers and a bespoke black decal package that stretches up the side of the car. There are two base colors to choose from: Mikan Blast (the orange you see here) or Absolute Zero, which we’re reliably informed is Toyota geek speak for ‘white’.

The Japanese marque suggests that these design cues are designed to evoke some ’90s nostalgia. But beyond that decal font (see in the gallery below), we can’t see much stuff going on here that’s 90s-specific. Instead, it reminds us more of a certain Hollywood build from 2001

Anyway, those of you hoping for any mechanical updates should probably reset your expectations. The same core GR Supra platform remains here, not that that’s a bad thing, to be fair.

Toyota GR special editions for 2024

The Class of 2024

Joining the 45th Anniversary Supra and the GR86 Trueno Edition, the 2024 model year GR Corolla will also receive a few small revisions. There’s no decal package for the AWD hot hatch, but it does get a new color option: the striking Blue Flame pictured above.

You can find further changes on the inside; namely blue-accented sports seats and a blue-accented GR manual gear knob. Continuing the theme, the stitching around the car’s interior is blue too.

As for its dynamics, Gazoo Racing engineers have made mounting bolt changes to the steering gear, battery ground, and rear suspension. There’s also a slight change in shape of the front aero duct, designed to improve air flow at the front of the car.

Each of the three GR specials will become available in the winter of 2023, but pricing remains a secret for now. So, if you want a 45th Anniversary Toyota GR Supra or any of its limited-run counterparts, you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled. For now, enjoy the gallery below: