Feeling power hungry? This 1000bhp Skyline R32 that’s currently for sale could be just the tonic. Read more about it, here.

It’s common knowledge amongst the tuning community that the Nissan Skyline GT-R platform has a very high potential when modified. This purple example, currently up for sale for £49,995, is a great testament to that…

1000bhp Skyline R32 engine bay

Engine Mods

From the factory, a standard Nissan Skyline GT-R R32 officially produced 276bhp (though the real figure was more like 310bhp). That pales into insignificance though, when you compare those figures with what this modified R32 is capable of.

Let’s start with the headline modification – the Tomei stroker kit. This raises the RB26DETT‘s capacity up from 2.6 liters, to 2.8, and is accompanied by a set of Tomei cams. The previous owner has also added HKS head gaskets and an uprated Mishimoto radiator. The intercooler, meanwhile, is capable of handling engines with up to 1500bhp on tap. This particular R32 *only* puts 1000bhp to the wheels though, so the car’s hardware is well within its limits.

That 1000bhp figure has been achieved not only through the internal mods mentioned above, but also through an upgraded GT24e hybrid turbo. The heads, meanwhile, have been ported and polished and the car naturally has a custom ECU too. Oh, and it’s also got anti-lag to keep it in boost.

As for fuel delivery, this car makes use of two Bosch 044 fuel pumps with Swirl pot fuel system and a GReddy fuel rail with upgraded injectors.

To handle all the resulting torque, there’s an Xtreme Performance triple plate clutch in place of the old kit.

1000bhp Skyline R32 GTR rear

Handling and Aesthetic Mods

Of course, you couldn’t do all that under-the-hood fettling without giving some attention to the dynamics of the car. The renowned ATESSA all-wheel drive system remains in place, but the addition of some TEIN coilovers helps the car to feel a little more planted through bends. The car is also sporting some uprated brake rotors behind its Rota 12J alloys.

Aesthetically, the car clearly isn’t stock either. As well as the custom purple paint job, this R32 is decked out in a genuine Pandem widebody kit. Its mean look is accentuated by a purposeful growl, achieved through some rather comprehensive exhaust mods. Those include a 4-inch downpipe attached to a custom-fabricated 4-inch exhaust, as well as hood exit screamer pipe!

Impressively, the car has just one previous owner and only 55,000 miles on the odometer. So, if you fancy making a childhood dream come true, check out the eBay listing for yourself.