The world’s first AWD 1000bhp Nissan Navara-R has been revealed by SB Motorsport, the team behind Baggsy’s drift car. Oh, and you can buy one…

It’s been two years in the making, but the world’s craziest Nissan Navara has finally been revealed, and it was worth the wait.  Powering the Nissan Navara-R is a 1000bhp VR38DETT engine, taken directly from a Nissan GT-R R35 and extensively modified. In fact, Nissan GT-R running gear runs throughout the project, including the AWD system and a Dodson Motorsport built GR6 gearbox.

To achieve 1000bhp, that VR38 engine features 4.1-litre stoker kit, new valvetrains, camshafts, bearings, custom manifold and exhaust, Garrett G30 660 turbos and more. A Syvecs ECU ties it all together.

1000bhp Nissan Navara-R

SB Motorsport founder and professional drifter Steve “Baggsy” Biaginoni, said: ‘I’m really proud to deliver the first Navara-R to the World and to have it debut at such a global event such as Isle of Man TT. This event has always been considered extreme for any petrolhead, so for me it made total sense for us to use it as the launch of the most extreme Navara on the planet. While others have spoken about such a build, it was our Essex workshop that has brought it to a reality and we’re not just stopping with one.”

1000bhp Nissan Navara-R

The first thing you’ll notice about the 1000bhp Nissan Navara-R is the bonkers styling. The bodywork was developed by Sterling Automotive, who laser-scanned the original factory body and then nudged and sculpted the standard Nissan Navara into something more aerodynamic, and of course, far more aggressive. Once the CAD work was complete, APH3G then manufactured the full body kit.

1000bhp Nissan Navara-R

While it’s all well and good throwing in an enormous engine, a wide body kit and other GT-R goodies, but what about actually making a car with that much power, but more crucially, that much size and weight, handle well? SB Motorsport manufactured fully custom suspension turrets to fit the original GT-R subframes, with fully custom ST Suspension-labelled KW V4 Racing Coilover Suspension with HLS 4 Hydraulic Lift-System. Rolling on custom BBS 20inch wheels with every last bit of stopping power from Alcon RC6 & RC4 brakes. Stopping power is crucial in something with 1000bhp…

Baggsy went on to say: “I absolutely cannot wait to get the Nissan Navara-R out in front of the crowds at the Isle of Man TT and Goodwood Festival of Speed! Showing off in this beast is going to be utterly epic!”

Want a 1000bhp Nissan Navara-R?

If you’re looking at this and thinking that’s exactly the type of truck I want, well the good news is you can buy one! SB Motorsport is taking orders from serious enthusiasts starting in 2023 who are eager to have their own custom-built, road-legal monster! Prices start from £250,000 and each one will be specified to each customer’s wishes. To enquire, contact the team by email:

We’re hoping to get ourselves behind the wheel of this bonkers Navara-R build in the near future, keep your eyes peeled…

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