TVR Tasmin

1. TVR Tasmins from the 1980s were built almost totally from the Ford parts bin. Parts included Sierra V6 engines and gearboxes, Granada brakes, and Cortina suspension and steering.Ascari KZ1
2. Ascari KZ1s have Pug 206 headlamps. The mental A10 versions even have Morette quad versions. They also have modified BMW M5 engines.TVR Chimaera

3. TVR Chimeras have upside-down Mk3 Fiesta rear lights, Rover V8 engines, and the T5 gearbox used in Mustangs and Sierra Cosworths. noble m12

4. Noble M12s have a turbocharged version of the Mondeo ST200 engine, pushing out a none-tooshy 352bhp, 150bhp more than in the Mondeo. Ultima GTR

5. Ultima GTRs are powered by engines and transmissions from all over the place, most commonly big-block Chevy motors and Porsche gearboxes. Pagani Zonda engine

6. McLaren F1s and Pagani Zondas both use V12 engines from other manufacturers. The McLaren uses a 6.1ltr unit built by BMW Motorsport, while the Zonda uses a 7.3ltr AMG-built Mercedes engine.t56 transmission gear box

7. The T56 gearbox is used in loads of supercars, including the Aston Martin Vantage and Vanquish, Corvettes, Dodge Vipers, and Mustang Cobras.

Venturi car

8. The French Venturi supercar has bits taken from all kinds of cars. The original mid-’80s model had a Renault 25 Turbo engine, Renault Fuego windows, Citroën CX mirrors, Mercedes 190 windscreen wipers, Renault 5 front indicators, and BMW 3 Series rear lights.Aston Martin Virage

9. Aston Martin’s flagship car for the ’90s, the ultra-expensive Virage, may have had a hand crafted body and sumptuous interior but the headlights were nicked from an Audi 200 and the rear clusters are from a VW Scirocco.Koenigsegg CCXR

10. The crazy Koenigsegg CCX is actually powered by a Ford 4.7ltr V8, but it’s running twin superchargers, and pushes out over 800bhp.