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10 things you didn’t know about BMW

10 things you didn’t know about BMW

Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 21st November 2012

1. BMW didn’t actually start out as a car manufacturer. They began making aeroplane engines (hence the ‘propeller’ logo), motorbikes, and even brakes for trains.BMW FACTS STATS
2. In World War 2, about 30,000 of BMW’s workers were actually slave labour! Well, it saves having to pay wages.BMW FACTS STATS
3. The E23 7 Series range from the early 80s featured the 745i model, which had a 286bhp, 3.4ltr turbo engine. Unfortunately, this version never made it to the UK.BMW FACTS STATS
4. The original M3, the E30, was built to enable BMW to compete in GrpA Touring Car racing. The normal model was far from shy with 195bhp, but the Evo Sport version came with a 2.5ltr engine pushing out nearly 240bhp as standard.BMW FACTS STATS

5. The first BMW ‘M’ car was the 1978 M1. Featuring a 3.5ltr 24V straight-6, the car pushed out nearly 280bhp in road going form. Some turbocharged race versions had over 800bhp. It was also used for a one make series, with top F1 drivers competing.BMW FACTS STATS

6. In 1972, BMW produced the BMW Turbo, a mid-engined concept car with gull wing doors, digital dash, and a 280bhp turbo engine that propelled the car to 165mph.

Only two were ever made.BMW FACTS STATS

7. The BMW CSL was launched as a homologation special in 1973. The enormous arches and spoilers worn by the successful racing models earned them the nickname ‘Batmobile’. Some later competition versions were powered by 750bhp turbo engines.BMW FACTS STATS

8. The 1973 BMW 2002 Turbo was an awesome car. Lightweight and with a 2ltr turbo engine, it was a real handful, and with a 40 percent locking diff as standard, it was one of the most tail-happy cars around. Early versions had ‘2002 Turbo’ written in reverse on the front spoiler, but complaints forced them to drop the graphics on later models.BMW FACTS STATS

9. The BMW 335i is powered by a 3ltr twin-turbo straight-6 just like Supras and Skylines.BMW 335i
10. In the early 90s, BMW tuners Alpina brought out the B10 Bi-Turbo, an E34 5 Series with a 3.5ltr twin-turbo engine running 26psi boost. It was capable of over 180mph!