Best Alfa Romeo facts

1. When tuner Callaway created the twin 2 turbo Alfa GTV-6 (above), their handy work got the attention of Chevrolet, and so the legendary Callaway Sledgehammer was born.Best Alfa Romeo facts

2. The Alfa Romeo Arna was a collaboration with Nissan. It had a good (Alfa) engine, but otherwise was really rather shit.Best Alfa Romeo facts

3. The ridiculous looking Alfa BAT 7 concept had an incredible drag coefficient of 0.19. And that was way back in 1954!
Best Alfa Romeo facts

4. In real life, the Alfa Giulia Supers, as used by the cops in The Italian Job, would have wiped the floor performance wise with the Mini Cooper S. Jus’ saying…Best Alfa Romeo facts

5. The ultimate slice of Alfa merchandise was the Contagiri watch. It costs around £13,000, the same price as a low mileage 147 GTA cost in 2008.Best Alfa Romeo facts

6. The monstrous looking Alfa SZ was only available in red, although one was made in black for Andreas Zagato, the boss of styling house Zagato. It didn’t look any better…Best Alfa Romeo facts

7. The 215mph Alfa Romeo 164 ProCar was made in 1988. It had a 600bhp V10 engine and was intended for a race series supporting the Formula One Grand Prix that never happened.Best Alfa Romeo facts

8. Legendary Swiss modifiers Sbarro created an estate version of the Alfa 155. And it looks a bit strange…Best Alfa Romeo facts

9. The Alfa 164 is called the 168 in Hong Kong, Malaysian and Indonesian markets, because in
Chinese, the number 164 sounds similar to “all the way to death”.Best Alfa Romeo facts

10. The Alfa Romeo logo actually depicts someone being eaten by a very worryingly large snake/ serpent and a red cross. Quite random really.