TRAX Donington has just announced that one of the UK’s most popular supercar clubs, Supercar Driver, will be appearing at the inaugural show on Sunday 1st July.

The UK’s most comprehensive platform for supercar owners, SCD, is an extremely active community online, through social media, and spectacular video, with events taking place constantly throughout the year.

SCD was established in 2010 and since its formation it’s evolved into a vibrant and engaging community with over 500 members across the country all of whom own some of the world’s most desirable super and hyper cars.

They’re called Supercar Driver for a reason too, with driving events at the forefront both on road and on track, these guys & girls like to use their toys!

In addition to the best supercars in the country available for you to ogle all day, these guys will also be taking to the track for some wheel-to-wheel action with a dedicated SCD-only session to impress the crowds with their six-figure machines.

Expect to see V8 and V12 engines roaring around Donington’s circuit with the occasional whoosh of turbos thrown in for good measure. It’s going to be an action packed day and this is something you simply cannot miss.

Make sure you purchase your tickets for TRAX Donington on July 1 through to not miss out!