At this year’s Japfest Rock! Toyota UK is showcasing its Ove Andersson inspired GT86 as a nod back to the rally legend that propelled Toyota and the Celica into the rallying limelight.

The relationship between Ove and Toyota started in 1972 as the Japanese manufacturer looked for a discreet way of entering international rallying in order to avoid the corporation’s stance over the oil crisis. The deal was made and so was history.

Toyota became the first official manufacturer-backed team in world rallying. It sent over a completely basic, unassuming Celica to Ove where he worked his magic and entered it for competition in the 1972 Daily Mirror RAC Rally. The 135bhp coupe went on to accomplish a class win, spurring Toyota on to provide Ove with a four-man team under the umbrella ‘Team Toyota Andersson’. This eventually became Toyota Motorsport GmbH (TMG).


The livery on the original Celica still remains the only one in Toyota’s rallying history not to wear its infamous white-based attire, and now it’s back!

The livery has been re-applied to the GT86 as a nod to its heritage, and also helps to mark Toyota’s return to the WRC for 2017 in a Yaris-based car. Also new on the GT86 are the 8.5×18” {ET44} Rota RKR alloys finished in silver which are wrapped in 235/35 R18 Pirelli rubber, V-Maxx lowering springs drop the ride height 40mm all round and a Milltek Sport stainless steel exhaust brings the four-cylinder boxer unit to life.

Make sure you visit the Fast Car stand at Japfest Rock! at Rockingham Motor Speedway on 26th June to check it out!