TRAX Donington is set to celebrate one of the most admired car manufacturers on the planet at this year’s inaugural event as they nod back to M cars past and present and the celebrate the 20th anniversary of the evocative E46 3-series.

Say BMW to anyone and most will recognise the 3-series as being the backbone of the marque. It’s often said that of those 3-series, the E46 is one of the sweet spots in BMW’s history. While the M3 is the car that’s most spoken about, the regular models were brilliant cars that people aspired to own. Cars like the 330ci are both brilliant in terms of performance and of course, today, well within affordability for enthusiasts.

TRAX Donington are putting together an E46 BMW display to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the E46, covering all variants of the model both in completely standard form and of course the beautiful show cars that exist today.

Also on display is a celebration of M power. Just one letter is enough for enthusiasts to recognise power and performance and that letter is of course M. Few manufacturers have built up such a brilliant reputation for exceptional cars than the M division within BMW as they continue to build cars that trouble even the supercars of this world.

They’ve carefully chosen 20 cars that will represent the brand from across the years, from the beautiful E30 right through to the newest addition to the 3-series range, the F80 M3. They’ll of course be displaying the similar F82 M4 and smaller brother, F87 M2. It’s not just new, though, with a beautiful Dakar Yellow E46 M3 on display, an E60 M5 and E36 M3. There’ll also excited for a particularly well looked after E82 1M to showcase on Sunday July 1, which will shine bright amongst exceptional competition.

While these two dedicated displays will take centre stage, clubs like Mpire UK will also be present representing some of the fastest M cars in the country, where they’ll be taking to the track to demonstrate their capabilities. It’s an adrenaline filled day for octane junkies, so don’t miss out on the action at TRAX Donington this July 1st.

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