We have some exciting news, The Fast Car Festival has just announced that one of only 24 Aston Martin Vulcans in the world will be at their show at Donington Park this weekend (July 30th-31st).

The 800-plus bhp, all-carbon fibre, purpose-built race car, powered by the most potent version of Aston Martin’s naturally-aspirated, 7.0-litre V12 petrol engine will be at the Festival all weekend for show-goers eyes only.

Aston Martin Vulcan The Fast Car Festival

The Vulcan is capable of sprinting from 0 to 60 mph in less than three seconds, and can achieve a top speed of more than 200mph. And with a cool price tag of almost £2million this is one of the world’s most exclusive cars.

So make sure you get your butts to the show to see it in the flesh and we will see you there!