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Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 17th January 2019

Welcome to this week’s FC Throwback, where we hit the archives and take a look back at some of our favourite previous feature cars. This week it’s Adam Heywood’s tuned Mk4 Toyota Supra from back in 2013…

How to turn a sleek powerful cruiser in to an aggressive-looking wild-driving, 730bhp monster Toyota Supra, in a thousand complex steps…

Tuned Mk4 Toyota Supra A80

Buying a pre-modified car has its ups and downs, that’s for sure. Pick the wrong car and you could just be inheriting a previous owner’s nightmare, but do it right and it could save you an absolute fortune. That’s exactly what Adam Heywood, the owner of this bad-ass tuned Toyota Supra has done.

While importing a car direct from Japan is maybe the ultimate way of obtaining your dream ride, it’s no easy task, and unless you really know what you’re doing, buying a car that’s located on the other side of the world is one hell of a gamble.

Tuned Mk4 Toyota Supra A80

Thankfully, when Adam decided to do it he had the support of an expert in the form of Jurgen Vallons from JM Imports. “The first time I set eyes on this car it was sitting on a Japanese forecourt in some pics Jurgen emailed me,” recalls Adam. “After seeing the pics and reading the spec it was love at first sight – I paid a deposit that very day, and the rest is history,” he adds.

Back in 2008, when Adam took delivery of the car it was already nicely modified by its previous owner. It feature, among other things, a Bomex front bumper, 19in Volk Racing wheels, a whopping Trust T88 turbo, and an impressive power output of 500bhp.

Tuned Mk4 Toyota Supra A80

While it was a dream car for Adam, like most of us, he couldn’t leave anything alone, and in no time, despite originally promising the missus he wouldn’t, the changes began.

Starting with the engine, although it was already tuned to be capable of speeds in excess of 200mph, Adam found it impossible to resist tweaking things a little further. In no time at all he had increased the power to 550bhp, but while this was nowhere near the limit of the turbo, it was all the fuel system fitted at the time could handle.

Tuned Mk4 Toyota Supra A80

The solution included a twin Walbro fuel pump setup and beefy 1000cc injectors, giving enough fuel flow to handle anything the huge turbo could throw at it. The obvious solution to more power is to turn up the wick on the 850bhp-rated Trust T88H 34D turbo, but Adam wanted to be able to use the car at high speeds for long distances, while running regular pump fuel, so he chose to keep the boost at sensible levels (1.2bar, 17.5psi) and instead fit a race-spec cylinder head and wild 280-degree cams. Despite the fairly low boost pressure, with an Apexi PowerFC ECU controlling the show, the car’s latest power figure was a massive 730bhp; enough to easily take care of any supercar, or even superbike that fancies its chances.

There’s no doubt the car is ridiculously fast, but it actually feels quicker than most Supras of a similar power level because of the peaky power delivery provided by the lairy cams and gigantic old-skool turbo. “The way the car delivers the power is savage,” Adam explains. Things are pretty normal until around 4500rpm, then all of a sudden all hell breaks loose as the T88 spools up and the car takes off like a rocket.

Tuned Mk4 Toyota Supra A80

“Thanks to the 280-degree cams the power just gets stronger and stronger all the way to the rev limier, and it will even spin the wheels in third gear in the dry as the boost comes in”.

While this car is seriously quick, the most obvious thing about it is the awesome looks, thanks to the Ridox bodykit; the only one in the UK. “I first spotted this kit on a YouTube video of Manabu Orido’s Supra in Japan, and I just had to have it,” Adam explains, but getting hold of the kit was no easy task. Orido is a Japanese racing driver who also stars in countless Japanese tuning DVDs, and has competed in various drift championships in his own highly-tuned Supra. He also own Ridox, the manufacturers of the bodykit.

Tuned Mk4 Toyota Supra A80

After a lot of research and help from UK Supra specialists Whifbitz, the full race-style Ridox kit was sourced and fitted. The normally smooth and curvy Supra now looks like an aggressive road racer – the perfect match for the savage power delivery of the engine.

While it has the looks of a racer, the car is fully road legal, and features an interior with retrimmed leather Recaros, full stereo system, and in-car adjustable damping control for the Tein coilover suspension. This means Adam can cruise in comfort to shows and events all over the UK, and then whenever the need takes him, drop a cog, nail the throttle, and smoke those massive rear tyres, thanks to it’s Veyron-matching power to weight ratio.

Tuned Mk4 Toyota Supra A80

Adam’s under no illusion about how hard the car is to control either, but that’s all part of the appeal; a frightening car is a lot harder to get bored of! “People have said I should fit Racelogic traction control, and while that would make the car faster, the way the car currently behaves, is so frightening, it gives me a reality check and prevents me from driving too far beyond my abilities; and besides, it’s fun!”

As we wrap up the feature, Adam recalls a story about when he was given a supercar driving experience as a present. “I chose to drive a Lamborghini Gallardo, and the first thing the instructor said was to be careful as the car had around 500bhp and would be far more powerful than anything I’d driven before. I didn’t want to brag, so didn’t say a word, but after a while the instructor asked how it felt, so I had to explain that the 730bhp Supra which people were taking pictures of in the carpark, was mine, he suddenly went very quiet. The best part was when I overheard someone say that if they realised they could’ve driven a racing Supra they wouldn’t have chosen the Ferrari to drive,” he laughs.

Tuned Mk4 Toyota Supra A80

Adam’s story says it all really. While we all dream of Lamborghini and Ferrari ownership, there’s no doubt that a really well modified car can be far quicker, and a much bigger head turner. And all this at a fraction of the cost of your average supercar.


Ridox wide arch kit consisting of front wings, rear 3/4 panels, front bumper, half carbon side skirts, carbon rear diffuser, and carbon front splitter with integral undertray, Abflug vented carbon bonnet, carbon fibre rear wing, clear side repeaters and rear marker lights.

Tein coilovers with EDFC, 19in Volk Racing GT-V alloys, 9.5in and 10.5in with 265/30×19 and 295/30×19 Bridgestones, UK-spec 4-pot front and 2-pot rear brakes, Cusco front strut brace.

2JZGTE 3-litre 24-valve inline six, AFR race-spec ported cylinder head, oversize valves, uprated valve springs and retainers, 280-degree duration camshafts, HKS adjustable cam pulleys, ARP head studs, Gates uprated timing belt, Trust/GReddy T88 34D single turbo, cast single turbo manifold with external wastegate, Trust 3-row front-mount intercooler, polished hard pipe kit, oil cooler and relocated oil filter, polished inlet manifold and throttle body, straight through 4in exhaust, Apexi Power FC ECU with hand commander, Blitz SBC boost controller, 1000cc injectors, twin Walbro fuel pumps, Fuelmotive uprated fuel pressure regulator, Solaris 3 bar MAP sensor.

Rebuilt V160 six-speed gearbox, Ogura uprated clutch, lightweight flywheel, OS Giken 2 way LSD.

Recaro Speed seats retrimmed in black leather with white centres, Defi BF gauges with Defi Link controller, Momo wheel, TRD gear stick and handbrake gaitors, Trust gear knob, alloy handbrake.

Touch screen headunit with Sat Nav/DVD/iPod, Pioneer component speakers.

Jurgen at JM Imports for the support, Paul Whiffin at Whifbitz for supplying the Ridox aero, John at Austec Racing for tuning, Debbie at The Heywood Academy for supporting and financing the build.

Words Stav Photos Chris Wallbank