Welcome to this week’s FC Throwback, where we hit the archives and take a look back at some of our favourite previous feature cars. This week it’s Richard Good’s KW Automotive Porsche 964 Turbo from way back in 2012…

It’s not often that I watch a film that I immediately want to watch again so much that I actually do it. In fact, I think it’s only happened once. Mainly because, these days, lounging around for the most part of the day is a luxury I cannot afford.

Porshce 964 Turbo Modified

The film was Bad Boys. The year was 1995. I remember watching Will Smith and Martin Lawrence yelling at each other while chasing down the bad guys in a stunning Porsche 964 Turbo. If you haven’t seen the film, then stop reading this feature, check out the movie and then pick your copy of FC back up. Without spoiling it, the final chase scene is nothing short of awesome!

Porshce 964 Turbo Modified

Richard Good, the owner of this heart stopping 964 Turbo was also an instant fan of the film and, of course, the Porsche in it. “I think everyone who watched Bad Boys fell in love with the car and I knew one day that I’d have one.” Richard explains.

Porshce 964 Turbo Modified

“Aside from having company cars, I only really lusted after Volkswagens. I’ve had loads of different marques from Ford RS models to tuned Hondas, but they’ve always been KW Development vehicles. When people started tuning 964s, this caught my eye and reminded me of the ‘Bad Boys’ Turbo and I began hunting for a C2 964,” says Richard.

Porshce 964 Turbo Modified

“During this search I went to eporsch in Chertsey, Surrey. I turned up at 5pm – it was an old air raid shelter – and I knocked on the door, looking for a white or black C2. Right at the back of the place was this Slate Grey Turbo. Unfortunately it wasn’t for sale, so I left a £500 cheque in case I could change the guy’s mind. I wanted to make sure that I’d get first refusal! Two months later the phone rang and the car was available. I got the car for a good deal and GT1 immediately rebuilt the engine,” Richard tells us.

Porshce 964 Turbo Modified

So what else has he done to it? The 964 has the Variant 3 KW Automotive coilover system with HLS 4 – “the ultimate suspension system,” he claims. Then there are the custom 8×18 and 11×18-inch hoops by Image Wheels with colour-coded centres. There’s a custom Milltek Exhaust system and a full Nology Engineering ignition system that makes it start on the button. “In my mind the car’s near perfect,” he smiles. “It sounds incredible and is a true driver’s car.”

Porshce 964 Turbo Modified

In the 1990s, the 964 was dubbed ‘The Widow Maker’, due to its big power output, RWD and complete lack of modern driver aids like traction control. “The KW coilover system makes the car a lot more predictable.” Richard assures us. “In fact, even when putting in some fast laps at the ’Ring, the car remains foot-sure.”

Porshce 964 Turbo Modified

“This, for me, is the ultimate 911,” he says. “And with the iconic Porsche 911’s 50th anniversary coming up in 2014 there’s never been a better time to be driving this piece of motoring history.” And we’re not gonna argue with that!

The legendary Porsche 964 Turbo
In March 1990 Porsche introduced the 964 Turbo model. Early models featured the 3.3-litre motor from the 930 with a few choice revisions that made the engine smoother, more powerful and less prone to turbo lag. Stock power was listed at 320bhp with a total of 3,660 964 Turbo models built to this specification.

Things started to get a bit crazy in early ’93 when Porsche released the 964 Turbo with a 3.6-litre motor. Kicking out 360bhp, this car was produced for just one model year (93/94). With only 1,500 cars produced during this ‘run out’ year, the last of the line 964 Turbo models are some of the most sort after Porsches of all time.

TECH SPEC Porsche 964 turbo

Custom Milltek exhaust system; full Nology Engineering ignition set-up.

KW Automotive Variant 3 Coilover System with HLS 4 Hydraulic Lift System (gives 40mm of lift); custom 8×18-inch and 11×18-inch Image Wheels with colour coded centres.

Refurbished leather interior to OEM factory standard.

Factory system.

KW Automotive

Words Ben Chandler Photos Chris Wallbank