Brabham Automotive has confirmed a new road legal conversion option for its BT62 track car.

The BT62 was built to be an unrestricted track car, with performance and power that surpasses that of a GT car. While that hasn’t changed, Brabham is responding to some customers’ desire to use BT62 on the road to and from the circuit.

The road legal conversion process for the BT62 will take place in the UK and costs £150,000 in addition to the list price of £1 million.


In addition to the regulatory requirements, specification changes will also be made to make the vehicle more usable on the road. This includes raising the ride height with a front and rear axle lift kit, increasing the steering lock range, adding air conditioning, fitting door locks and immobilisers, and including additional high-quality upholstery in the interior.

The objective was to make the car legal, safe and usable on the road with minimal compromise to its race-bred circuit dynamics. Whilst there will be a slight increase in weight there will be no reduction in power, retaining the 700bhp power output.


The first road-compliant BT62 is expected to be delivered in summer 2019. So expect to see it on a road near you soon, well maybe not.