Welcome to this week’s FC Throwback, where we take a look back at some of our favourite previous feature cars. This week it’s Marco Forstmann’s cammo-crazy, army-spec Audi A6 from way back in 2012…

AUDI A6 C6 AVANT interior wheel

If I told you I know of a car that can both stand out from the crowd and blend in with the background at the same time, you’d think I’d either lost the plot, watched too many James Bond films, or dabbled with some sort of offensive substance. But I can tell you it’s Thursday, so I’m very much sane, I can’t stand James Bond and the only tablets I take are those cod liver oil ones. Why am I telling you this? Well, I have actually seen a car that can stand out from the crowd and blend in with the background, and it’s Marco Forstmann’s cammo-crazy, army-spec Audi A6.

AUDI A6 C6 AVANT wheels

Ever since his first venture on the road in the now legendary Mk.1 Golf, Marco has been a sucker for anything VAG, taking in a Mk.2 16-valve turbo and a VW Phaeton as his most recent serious projects. For his latest effort though, Marco decided to try out the quad-hooped division of German engineering, investing in an Audi A6 to build a car first dreamt up in, well, a dream.

“I just wanted to do something that’s really different,” reckons the chemicals operator. “I had a dream one night of owning a camo estate that sat on the floor, so when I woke up in the morning I decided it was best to make it happen for real,” explains Marco.

AUDI A6 C6 AVANT rear-profile

Marco bought the A6 as a stock 2005 Avant, but wasted no time in pulling the car down from the clouds thanks to an impressive bout of bags on the Audi. “I had to get the car lower, but I still wanted to be able to use it,” says Marco of the air-ride system. “It’s my daily and I cover around 50 thousand kilometres in it a year. That would be some serious beating if it wasn’t for the ‘bags!”

Speed was looked at next for the daily estate, and Marco turned to his good mates at Folienking.de for the remap on the V6 TDI lump. The extra push in power meant Marco then had to make sure the Audi could brake properly when required, which has been taken care of by the impressive 405mm Bentley stoppers chilling up front on the car.

AUDI A6 C6 AVANT roliform

Up to this point, Marco had kept any tweaks firmly in the VAG family for his A6 project, and was previously rocking Bentley Continental rollers to match the posh hefty brakes. All that changed though once the Rotiform bandwagon rolled into Europe – and Marco instantly knew he’d found the Avant’s ideal wheel.

“I saw the BLQs and knew I had to have them – they’re a super sweet wheel and I could just picture them on my Audi,” says the no-nonsense German tuner. “I wanted them really wide however, and it wasn’t easy fitting 10x20s on the front and rear of the car, I can tell you.”

AUDI A6 C6 AVANT interior seats

The henchman Rotiforms were squeezed under the quad-hooped beaut thanks to the trick addition of meaty RS6 arches smoothed into the bodywork all round, before a cheeky finish in satin black to kick off the military theme of the ride.

Further army pointers were attached to the car including the tinted rear clusters for extra stealth and as well as the decorated airride housing in the spare wheel well, before Marco went all out and got the car wrapped in the camo colours he’d dreamt about.


Explaining the mad vinyl currently decorating the A6, the Cologne lad tells us: “It’s not every day you see a car in such colours, and even though I Knew wanted to go for a camouflage style, I still wanted people to notice it of course!”

The wrap is the absolute gold cross of this mental project, where Marco has somehow achieved the impossible by creating a car built to be as stealthy as it is standout. We’re not sure how you’ve done it, but Marco, we salute you!


Audi A6 Avant

Rear badges deleted; rear lights tinted black; RS6 fenders all round; full camouflage wrap.

Stage 1 remap.

Rotiform 3-piece BLQs 10×20 all round, ET 35; Bentley Continental 405mm front brake setup; air-ride.

Audi R8 steering wheel; matt white dash and centre console detailing.

Folienking, Rotiform and my friend Markus.

Words Lee Sibley Photos Kevv.Be