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608bhp Evo-powered Peugeot 205

608bhp Evo-powered Peugeot 205

Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 16th November 2012

Evo powered Peugeot 205
With power to rival a Pagani Zonda, this 608bhp Evo-powered Peugeot 205 is a bit of an animal…

Ever wondered what a 608bhp, Evo-powered Pug 205 feels like? I’m about to find out. Strapped into the OMP bucket seat, the nutter sat next to me has just given me a knowing smile, before dumping the clutch in second gear.
Evo powered Peugeot 205
All hell breaks loose. There’s an angry snarl, followed by the revs going off the clock as the tyres struggle to find grip. The car pulls sideways, but some corrective lock puts us back on track. We quickly hit three figures, before approaching a roundabout, where the Compbrake 4-pots scrub off speed and I almost swallow my camera. Sweet baby Jebus, this thing’s quick!
Evo powered Peugeot 205
In case you were in any doubt, this is no ordinary 205. This is the bastard child of a 205 and an Evo – the vision of mad Midlander, Rob Walton of French Car Specialists, Constella. “A mate in the pub bet me I couldn’t fi t an Evo engine in my 205,” he says, “So I had to prove him wrong,” he adds with a laugh.
Evo powered Peugeot 205
Now a pub bet is one thing, but making a 4G63 turbo lump work in a little 205 is something else. With the alloy pipework, stunning tubular manifold and all the messy wires and hoses hidden away, it looks like it was meant to be there. But it took some doing.
Evo powered Peugeot 205
“Fitting the engine wasn’t the problem, it was getting it to run with the 2WD Focus gearbox, that took the effort,” admits Rob.
Evo powered Peugeot 205
With a 2.3 stroker kit, forged internals, and beefy GT3582R turbo, this Pug has more grunt than a Ferrari 458 – and it all goes to the front wheels! But Rob hasn’t lost the plot – he didn’t go 4WD as he plans to compete in the FWD class at Santa Pod this season.

With a full rollcage, sorted suspension, and every single part upgraded, this is a serious sleeper. And anyone who thinks it’s just a mildly tweaked 205 is in for a massive shock if they try and take it on.
Evo powered Peugeot 205
So what’s next? “I wanted to get the shoot done as I plan to use it – hard!” laughs Rob “It won’t stay mint for long,” he adds. And with plans for even more power, this French Evolution is set to get even madder.

TECH SPEC Peugeot 205
2.3-litre stroked 4G63; Eagle steel billet crank; Oliver H-beam conrods; CP pistons & rings; ARP studs, bolts & nuts; uprated oil pump; Kevlar cambelt; Vernier pulleys; lightened & balanced crank, pulleys, clutch & flywheel; Constella custom cams; double valve springs & titanium retainers; 870cc injectors; HKS fuel rail; Aeroquip fittings; stainless tubular manifold; alloy intake manifold; flowed and matched inlets; ACL DLC main & big end bearings; balance shaft removal; Garrett GT 3582R turbo; 44mm external wastegate & screamer pipe; HKS head gasket; Bosch 044 fuel pump; custom flywheel; swirl pot; Constella engine mounts; pipe work & boost pipes; Apexi Power FC ECU & ACVR boost controller; electric water pump; Mocal oil cooler; Constella 3-inch stainless exhaust; intercooler; Fuelab fuel pressure regulator; Focus gearbox; custom gearset; Quaife LSD; ORC twin-plate clutch; Constella custom release bearing, driveshafts, hub assembly, bell housing & driveshaft mounts.

Compbrake Pro Race 7 calipers; 330mm 3G brake discs; Hawk pads; Constella braided lines; twin cylinder pedal box; brake bias valve; Bilstein suspension; adjustable camber top mounts; rose jointed wishbones; uprated front ARB bushes; Constella rear beam mounting kit; 25mm rear ARB; Raceline motorsport wheels 8Jx15-inch; Hankook Ventus tyres; strut brace.

Safety Devices cage; OMP ARS seats & harnesses; Evo 6 GSR clocks; carbon footwells; flocked dash; door cards & rear harness bar; fully stripped; custom alloy fuel pipe covers.

Full respray in Focus Frozen white; modified front bumper; custom carbon fibre bonnet.

Words by Davy Lewis