soleheaven audi a6
In our last post on the Team Soleheaven Audi A6 it was all about the chassis. This time round it’s time to work on the power and performance, as we want more out of the factory 1.8T powerplant in our sneaker wagon.
soleheaven audi a6
We got in touch with industry experts Revolution to help us wring as much power out of this engine as possible. The stock weight of an A6 Avant is close to 1.5tonnes, then we need to load the Avant with a further 200kgs of products when we attend the European sneaker conventions. This means power, and especially torque are crucial for this build.

After an initial inspection it was clear the turbo had been well used and had seen better days, the bearings were shot and a rebuild would supply a good amount of extra boost straight out of the box. To help prolong the life of the replaced turbo we turned to Forge Motorsport and their FMDV008 dump valve.
soleheaven audi a6
Next on the agenda was getting the 1.8T remapped to give us the extra torque we would need when thrashing our heavy motor down the autobahns. We have added approx 35bhp and +60NM of torque. This represents an uplift of 25% in much needed performance. Whilst we were at it we also did the timing belt and water pump whilst we had our heads under the bonnet.
soleheaven audi a6
Now the extra power is in the bag we had to ensure the airflow is tip top. We dropped in a panel filter from Pipercross and then it was off to Milltek for a weeks worth of fettling with a development exhaust system. This will contribute with a further 5bhp and a satisfying burble!
soleheaven audi a6
So, our Audi A6 Avant Sneaker Wagon is clearly faster and performing at its peak so we had to ensure the stopping power was also improved. More weight and more speed required a new set of brakes and these we’re supplied by EBC. We selected USR Slotted Discs and Green Stuff Pads. And to complete the look we have installed red brake lines from Hosetech.

Next up is the vinyl wrap and interior…

Pipercross panel filter – £31
Forgemotorsport FMDV008 dump valve – £124
Remap – £349.00
Milltek exhaust – £No Price as yet as a development project
Timing Belt & Waterpump – £350


Revolution 247
Forge Motorsport
EBC Brakes

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