Soleheaven Audi A6
Hey and welcome to the first stage of the Team Soleheaven A6 build, in this part of our project it’s all about the stance and chassis.
Soleheaven Audi A6
Like pretty much all petrol heads we wanted the car to be slammed on its ass and as low as possible, but it isn’t that simple for this project. Nope…
Soleheaven Audi A6
You see we’re taking the car on a massive European road trip, fully laden and pulling a trailer so this had to be calculated with the drop. We want the car to look dope, but also perform and be safe on those high-speed autobahns.
Soleheaven Audi A6
After a long chat with the knowledgeable technicians at Revolution247 we decided to fit V-Maxx’s Height Adjustable Coilovers, as these give us plenty of flexibility on ride height. So far we’ve dropped it maximum at the rear of 60mm and matched it up at the front.
Soleheaven Audi A6
The control arms were pretty much shot, so we’ve upgraded to an Eibach Pro Alignment Kit, this gives us the perfect alignment and some cheeky camber too.
Soleheaven Audi A6
Now, a 60mm drop all round probably doesn’t sound that impressive, and if we were rolling on 18″ we would agree. However, we have upgraded to 19×8.5 3SDM 0.05s all round with a fitment of 5×112 et35 for the perfect stance. These gorgeous wheels were then lovingly wrapped in some VREDSTEIN ULTRAC VORTI R 235/35/19 tyres.
Soleheaven Audi A6
To complete the set up Revolution put the A6 on their rather posh Hunter Digital Alignment ramp. With 4 digital cameras this makes sure everything is balanced and set up correctly for our purpose. This will mean the car will handle as it should, and offer optimum MPG and tyre wear. Clever stuff eh?
Soleheaven Audi A6
And once we’re back from the European adventure, we’re going to look at a fast road set up and have some more fun in the Avant.
Soleheaven Audi A6
So what’s next on our list? Well it’s power and performance…

3SDM 0.05 with VREDSTEIN ULTRAC VORTI R 235/35/19 tyres – £1154
V-Maxx Coilovers £345 (fitting £200)
Eibach Pro Alignment Kit £386 (fitting £150)
Hunter Alignment £99


Revolution 247

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