I’ve been saving up my pennies for a long while now, and for good reason too.  I’ve just splurged out on some stunningly beautiful adjustable top mounts and coilovers from Gaz Shocks.

Gaz are well known for making top quality suspension kits, and can build shocks for any application.  These particular shocks are height and rebound adjustable, perfect for the track, and perfect for my truck.  The bodies are Zinc plated, so should be easy to adjust and keep clean even after a few harsh winters.

As for the mounts, these are fresh on the market.  Made from anodised aluminium these mounts include a spherical bearing.  They look damn cool, and will allow me to get the best set-up at the front with regards to camber, but these are only suitable for track, as they’d be too hard for general road-use…

Uh?  Yea right!


Whilst I was busy admiring the shiny new things, Capt Iain got busy with the metalwork and started to widen the Caddys arches by 20mm, in order that I can get the wheels flush with the arch lips.  After all, having to space the front wheels out in order to clear the Awesome Tarox brakes meant that they’d never have fitted right, which in turn meant no major lows!


Iains widened many an arch in his time, so he knew just what to do to get it looking right, he cut them open by 20mm but still retained the original arch lip, and shape to some extent.


With the arches all filled with metal [but no filler…yet]  they look damn awesome, the truck sits nicely and everything ties in!  With the top mounts I’ll be able to go even lower too if I want to.  I can’t wait to get this damn truck on the road now, it’s taking so long!


Coilovers £350
Top Mounts £180
Iains Handwork £150
Total £680

Gaz Shocks

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