Finally I’ve got a Daily Driver that I can modify!  What with all the miles that I do every day running around, I had to get something economical, and there’s nothing more economical and affordable than a dCi Clio, apparently they can get in excess of 70MPG when driven thoughtfully.

Matt's Vauxhall Astra

Bye bye burgundy bullet!

I’ve shunted off the Burgundy Bullet to my younger brother for drifting, and have replaced it with a dull and rather tired-looking dCi.  It’s covered 92,000 miles, no service history to consider, but it was cheap and the seller was Foriegn! It’s the 80HP version with Intercooler as standard, which is a good start.  The 80HP variant comes with the same gearbox fitted to the 172’s, so the ratios should be good and the box will be able to handle a bit of abuse.  It’s also got air-con that doesn’t work, and absolutely filthy seats.

Matt's Stock dCi

My new and up-to-date steed, it even has a passenger airbag you know.

I’ve had to get my rubber gloves on and give the inside a damn good clean, and I’ve had to bin the rear seats, and jet wash the seatbelts.  First step will be to give the engine a good service and treat it to a new timing belt and water pump!


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