Slots make a welcome return

Slots make a welcome return

Hooray!! The Slotmags have made their long-awaited return to the Clio, great gravy points, but I’ve hit troubles elsewhere…

The turbo elbow decided to have a mental breakdown and split it’s sides, this thing sounds like an agricultural machine already, never mind having a gaping hole in the exhaust system.

There was only one thing for it, pray it would hold out and drive like I’d never driven before ( well slightly faster than usual) straight to Ramair Filters in Pewsey.  Chris there does some awesome development work for some very special clients, with me being one of the choice few.

Having just moved premises it’s a bit unorganised there at the mo, but after a quick clear up they soon found space for my modest little Clio.  After shifting the 911S out of the way, I set to work dropping the system off to get at the elbow.  Six minutes, two cups of coffee (no bloody milk gross) and one fingy cut later the elbow was off.

Crack in my elbow

Insert some witty comment here…OK? 

It was quite a stress crack. Probably from vibration. It’s likely spawned from the injectors being a little wacky at idle, and the poly engine mount that’s currently fitted.  Still… it’s lasted thirty odd thousand miles, so not too bad…

Anyway, Chris fired up the welder, zipped the tear and reinforced the flange a little, he also added another exhaust hanger to relieve some of the strain.

Chris Yates TIGGING an Exhaust

I’ve never seen Chris remove his gloves, not even to tie his shoes [he has Velcro laces

With the finished article cooling, I got onto Euro Car Parts and ordered up a replacement engine mount to replace the all-too-solid poly mounts. Hopefully that’ll have arrived at work by the time I return.

Elbow repaired

You’d never know it’d been worked on!

I popped the system back together and hey-presto, no more rasping sounds! So massive gratitude to the guys at Ramair for helping out and also being so tolerant of my shortcomings when it comes to tea-making.


Ramair Filters

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