I’ve never cared much for the Royals, so when Ma’am herself decided to give us all an extra day off to celebrate her being in power for so long, I decided to seize the opportunity and use the long weekend to give the Eunos a groovy little homemade colour change.

The last shot of the Eunos in black.

I’ve wanted to change the black shade of my MX from day dot and nearly had the whole thing wrapped just a month before, but the truth is with a car this old it was easier to just get it painted and live happily ever after.

Before the paint though, I had to take a hammer to the Eunos to straighten out a variety of blemishes to the 19-year-old bodywork, and even needed a few new parts including a near-side front wing and side light which I managed to get thanks to Guildford based Mazda spares legend Mike Cox.

Manky wing is taken off

Anyway, after a whole lotta sanding, filling, smoothing, welding and scotching in the garage, the car was given a nice coat of primer before the new colour of BMW Pepper White was sprayed on.


... scotching...

... and primed.

Fear not by the way: your eyes aren’t playing up, the next shot genuinely is a creamy shade as planned, it just means BMW’s descriptions of their own paint is a bit mental.

Spraying on the first coat, like a boss.

Several coats later, the MX was starting to look fresh...

... with only the rear quarters and bumper needing flatting back and respraying for a tip-top finish.

Anyway, the whole home-spray was completed from start to finish in just those four, quick Royal celebratory days, and for the cost of a litre and a half of paint, it looks the absolute don. A big shout out is in order to the old man for the help on the car over the whole weekend, and to Joe for putting his fingers in the wet paint at the last minute. Top blokes.

Excitement levels rise when putting the car back together...

... and the end result looks bang on. Result!

Job done

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Jawell Paints 1.5ltr BMW Pepper White paint 2K… £78
Nearside front wing… £20
Offside side-light… £18

Jawel Paints
Woody’s Mazdas

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