Autostyle gauges reppin' hard

Well, I’m pleased to say, petrolheads, that this is turning into one seriously hot project! My latest bit of modifying sauce has come in the form of some epic gauges from Autostyle, some just-as-epic new lug nuts from TPi and an even-more-epic NASCAR wink mirror which takes the total amount of mirrors on my little Eunos to seven!

I’d been after some gauges for some time to fill the naughty void under my Pioneer 6400BT headunit, and after a flick through the Autostyle catalogue, I’d found the ones I wanted. I’ve gone for three gauges I think I’ll actually need, with vacuum, air/fuel and volt readings.

Gauges ready to rumble

Anyway, I took them home and spent a Saturday morning fitting and installing the gauges in the dash, and I love ‘em! They do an awesome job, are very responsive as you’d expect and the only hassle I had was buying a smaller T-piece in the bay for the vacuum gauge that cost about a quid. Back in the dash, the gauges look the part and make that naff hole under my headunit look a whole lot more respectable in the meantime.

New gauges look at home in the MX-5's dash.

Staying with my interior, I’ve wanted a NASCAR-inspired multi-panel ‘wink’ mirror for ages now, but haven’t wanted to pay shipping costs for one from America. However, after tipping the internet upside down I found Adam at Japstyle stocked 5-panel jobbies among a host of other, well, Jap-style parts, so I decided I had to get one on board. Check the Japstyle website out for all their products by the way – it’s mostly for Civics but if you want Jap gear, it’s on there.

NASCAR mirror looks utterly bonkers

For my Eunos I quickly ditched the knackered single unit interior mirror and bolted in the wink panel in the very holes vacated by the sun visors I also got rid of. The mirror looks absolutely insane housed along the top of the windscreen, and looks right at home after I wrapped it in red carbon-look material from Foliatec red to match the rest of my interior.

Foliatec took care of the wink mirror's wrap

My final bit of modifying sauce this month came with some bang tidy lug nuts from the masters at TPI. I wanted some red numbers to match the interior again, and the best thing about TPI’s stuff is it includes locking nuts that don’t look any different to the regular items! So, if you want groovy lug nuts, gone are the days of having three or four awesome nuts followed by one ugly locking nut. Check the pics, and keep peeled for the next update on my Eunos Roadster.

TPi nuts ready to go on...

... giving a fresh look to the secure wheels!

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5 panel ‘wink’ mirror £49

TPi red lug nuts with locking nuts £34.95

Foliatec red carbon wrap £24.99

Autostyle gauges £214.97