Yes, this is real!

As you would have seen in recent issues of the mag, my Eunos project is starting to take shape now, and I’ve started to put a bit of ‘me’ into the build.

Getting a new gearknob for your car may be a bit ghetto, but frankly, when you get one as cool as me, well, it just isn’t. A walk round any slick car show always throws up some interesting, original choices of gear shifters, and I had to get in on the action for myself. I managed to source an awesome 15cm JDM bubble gear shifter through the jdmrevolution_ltd shop on good old eBay, and it came well packaged, took about 4.7 seconds to fit and looks the absolute balls in my very red cabin. Keith at jdmrevolution_ltd told me he stocks all kinds of parts to cater for every nutter of Jap-spec on planet Earth, so if you’re after original and genuine JDM gear, look no further my friends.

Lee gets a bigger knob!

I also decided to give the rear clusters a shading of red, as I have a serious OCD problem with car lights that just don’t mirror each other. This again was quick to do, consisting of me removing the lights from the car, giving them a clean and a good going-over with red film spray, letting them dry before replacing them later in the day. Easy, cost effective and full of win.

… and after.

Finally for this entry, I’ve not been happy with the racing mirrors delicately hanging off either door since I bought the MX – but I’m also not a fan of the original manual mirrors, namely because I’ve witnessed the tiny stalk that connects the mirror to the car rust completely through and fall off when its owner closed the door one time.

Manky mirrors before...

... replaced by OEM electric items!

I am however a fan of the upgrade electric mirrors, which come with a chunkier stalk and, well, that’s about it. So yes, I paid £50 for two electric mirrors because I like the chunky mirror arm. Anyway, they came in silver from eBay, so I did the time-honoured scotch, primer and paint in gloss black and smashed them on, with a perfect match to the paint on the rest of the car.

TLC for the mirrors

There’s plenty more to report on for the Eunos coming up, so keep your eyes peeled and for juicy extra’s on car culture, follow me on Twitter: @itsleesibley. Eunos it makes sense!


15cm shifter £33.95

Rear light tint £20

OEM electric mirrors £50


eBay > jdmrevolution_ltd