New 3SDM’s looking reem for the roads

So, the update I should of said a while ago now is my Roadster is finally gracing our glorious UK roads!

The missing piece to the puzzle was sourcing suitable tyres for the sexy 3SDM wheels, so I hit up the easy-as-pie Cooper Tires website, dialled in my spec on the tyre finder and let Cooper find my perfect rubber for me.

The new tyres were with me 48 hours later, so I nipped over to Westbury Tyre and MOT centre to get them wrapped around the ready and waiting 003’s. Paul, the top dog there, then balanced all wheels for me so I could then stick my new set straight on to the waiting MX.

The result by the way is a perfect, slight stretch, which was just as I wanted and didn’t take the piss out of the tyres like I used to do in my VAG days.

Slight stretch is perfect

With the tyres on the wheels, the wheels needed to go on the car in place of the Enkies that were never even mine! The 3SDM’s were duly bolted on and after making a few adjustments in ride height to compliment the new look, the MX was ready for it’s MOT.

The 3SDM’s go on the Eunos

I took the MX back down to Paul at Westbury Tyre and MOT centre for the test, after a quick ring the day before to get it booked in. They do tests for the ridiculously awesome price of £25, and 45 minutes later I got the car back with a shiny ‘pass’ certificate – the very piece of paper I’ve been dreaming about since November.

Fill yer pants time as the Eunos is MOT’d.

So, with a sigh of relief rumoured to have been heard on the moon, I finally had the MX declared roadworthy. My mood was only temporarily dampened by my mugging at the counter of the Post Office, where I was forced to hand over the £118 in my pocket in return for a six-month tax disc. All in all though, I’m pleased to finally have the MX back on the road after a 9-month break, and have already set about putting the supreme Cooper tyres through their paces. They’re good, grippy and so far very durable, which is exactly what I was after.

So, the fun starts here folks: let’s get this show on the road – literally!

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Cooper 185/55/R15 tyres £260
MoT £25
6 months tax £118.50
Total £403.50

Cooper Tires

Westbury Tyre and MOT Centre