The Eunos on AVO's.

I mentioned in my last blog how the MX was in a bit of a state when I bought it, so I’ve been working my nuts off bringing it up to a standard acceptable to pass an MOT. For this, I’ve had the heroic Modest Matt replenishing the car with new copper brake lines and fitting new track rod ends while I’ve been de-rusting various nuts and bolts and undersealed the lot, on top of seeing to some imperfections on the body.

New track rod end at home.

I also needed new brake hoses, and while browsing the Fast Car Facebook wall I saw that SFS Performance hoses were promoting their new range of braided brake hoses… so, in that 1+1 situation, I thought it’s rude not to invest! I ordered the mk1 hose kit and upon its arrival I was dead chuffed to find the pack also contained the crucial three-way distribution block that also needed replacing on my MX.

SFS brake hoses with 3 way block.

Everyone loves an added bonus with a purchase, and SFS don’t actually promote that the stainless steel block is included in their brake hose kit, so I was more than impressed with their extra care in their business. The hoses are a mint upgrade and do a sterling job in making sure my MX has maximised stopping power.

Braided hoses and new copper connected to the three-way block.

Next on the agenda are wheels and tyres – keep peeled for another update shortly.

Track rod ends £25
Copper piping £15
Braided brake hoses £60
Total: £100

SFS Performance

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