I’m deeply dippy ‘bout the way you walk look…

Kent Custom Hydro Dipping Jules BMW

The majority of you won’t have a clue that these words are the lyrics of Right Said Fred’s 1992 hit Deeply Dippy. Unfortunately, for the team, we haven’t been able to leave this song where it belongs – in the past! Why? Because not only is our Midge a dead ringer for the lead singer but it’s also one of his favourite songs, so it often gets played in the office.

Kent Custom Hydro Dipping process

Anyway, what the hell has Right Said Fred got to do with my BMW E91 (not a lot it seems – Glenn) and this? Well, as you know from last month, I sent all the dull, grey interior trim off to Kent Custom Dipping for a much-needed new look. And my god, have the lads delivered.

Custom Hydro Dipping Jules BMW before

Hydro Dipping Jules BMW after

There are lots of preconceptions about hydro-dipping, the main one being that it’s a quick and an easy process. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The process is more complicated and time consuming than painting a product to a high standard.

Custom Hydro Dipping method

You have all the same preparation and painting requirements but with the dipping process thrown in for good measure – take a look at the process pictures above. But it’s worth it; you get a factory spec look and showroom finish especially if you use a reputable company like the boys down at Kent Custom Dipping.

Custom Hydro Dipping close-up

I haven’t actually had the time to refit all the parts yet, but when I do, I’ll be using white gloves. The products are starting to pile up now – the steering wheel is back from Edge Automotive too, so that needs fitting, along with a new set of mats that are being custom made. Basically, the interior is going to be one lovely place to sit in by this time next month.

Custom Hydro Dipping Aftercare

And I’ve got good news on the wheel and suspension front too, a set of BC coilovers have been ordered and I’m awaiting stock of a set of rims from the US of A. It’s all kicking off, so I had better get off my fat arse…

Hydro Dipping Jules BMW black

Hydro-dipping £350

TOTAL £500

Kent Custom Dipping

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