Glenn Ax Drift-Prep Motorsport
A wise man (well it was me) once said: “I’ve decided the only way to get things done on the AX is to make a manageable to do list. Hopefully taking a more planned approach and doing a few small jobs regularly will result in some much-needed progress.”
Glenn Ax Drift Prep Motorsport
Well, that philosophy has helped a bit with this project, but the truth is, it’s not enough. With the A6 project and a lack of workshop time due to a rather busy work schedule, I’m really struggling to make progress with the AX.
Glenn Ax Drift Prep Motorsport
So, I’ve decided it’s time to admit defeat and call in the A-Team, or as they’re more commonly known – Drift Prep Motorsport.
Glenn Ax Drift Prep Motorsport
Yes, as their name suggests, they specialise in drift car builds, but what the owners Alex Tovey and Matt Mardani don’t know when it comes to car builds isn’t worth knowing. They can build, fix and fabricate just about anything you can think of, so I know the project is now in very capable hands.
Glenn Ax Drift Prep Motorsport
So what’s the plan? Well to turn the AX into a superlightweight track weapon. And, if it all goes to plan, it will be ready early next year, yes you read that right – we’ve even set a deadline!
Glenn Citroen AX GT
At present, the only progress has been moving the AX from the FC lock up to the new Drift Prep Motorsport HQ in Bristol (thanks to Marks Auto Transport) and a pub meeting to work on a plan of action.
Glenn Ax Drift Prep Motorsport
Car transport by Mark’s Auto Transport…..£Three pints of Carling and a packet of pork scratchings

Drift Prep Motorsport
Drift Prep Matt – 07771 477708
Drift Prep Alex – 07749 068823

Mark’s Auto Transport – 07772 305135

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