Citroen AX VTS
This month is a good month readers. And it’s not because there’s a new season of Downton Abbey on TV. Nope, it’s because my brand spanking new custom-made splits from Image Wheels have arrived and I’m happier than a fat kid at a cake sale.
Citroen AX VTS
Obviously like anyone I love receiving a delivery of new car parts, but you can times that excitement ten fold when the delivery in question is two big boxes with the words ‘Image Wheels’ on them.
Citroen AX VTS
So why did I pick Image? Well, like us, these guys are masters of their trade and also like FC they were established in 1987. They’ve built wheels for championship winning cars all over the world, so it’s fair to say they are an experienced bunch. When it comes to this build, only the very best will do and they certainly qualify.
Citroen AX VTS
As I expected, those years of experience have translated into the best wheels I’ve ever owned, and I’ve had a lot of wheels over the years. I love the crazy pink House of Kolor centres, the contrasting black bolts and obviously the dishes. I really feel like a lucky man right now.
Citroen AX VTS
As you can see I’ve gone for a staggered fitment. The rears are a healthy 9x15in whilst the fronts are slightly less girthy 8x15in. So far I’ve only trial fitted them without tyres, but the early outlook is they should fit without too much bother (famous last words – Jules) thanks to the AX’s already flared arches.
Citroen AX VTS
It may have taken me a while to choose my wheels, but the wait was definitely worth it. Yes, I know they are not cheap, but to me it’s money well spent! So if you want some special bespoke wheels for your car, give Image a call, as they definitely have the Fast Car seal of approval. So what’s next? Well tyres of course… some nice stretchy ones!

2x 8x15in Image custom IFX wheels £621.60
2x 9x15in Image custom IFX wheels £669.60



Image Wheels

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