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I’m ashamed to admit I’ve not really achieved a hell of a lot this month. My excuse? Well, I’ve been watching Downton Abbey on catch up. I’m on the final episode of series 3 if you were wondering. But, the month has not been a total loss car wise, as I’ve still managed to get a few bits for the AX.

 Glenn Fast Car

First off I’ve bought a car cover to help keep the damp at bay and also stop my leaking sunroof causing problems. Now there’s plenty of choice out there, but I’ve decided to spend out on a Moltex semi-tailored car cover from the guys at Ultimate Finish.

moltex car covers

Unlike the normal single layer covers, Moltex Outdoor Car Covers are made of five layers of material that are ultrasonically welded together. This clever technique insures their covers provide a high level of resistance to rain, snow, ice, bird poop, dust, UV damage, and also nuclear radiation. Okay… maybe not the last one.
Glenn Fast Car
Secondly, I’ve sourced a Honda Civic High Flow Aluminium Radiator from Japspeed. The previous front mounted rad on my AX was from a Peugeot 106 XS (I think), however its seen better days and needs replacing. Fingers crossed I can make this one fit, as it will perform a lot better than the latter as it offers 30% more cooling than the standard radiator.

So what’s next? Well hook up the rad, hit the start button and see what happens. Fingers crossed…

Japspeed Aluminium Rad £149
Moltex Outdoor Car Cover £164



Ultimate Finish

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