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As you can probably imagine what with print deadlines and so what, our projects pages in the magazine and also online are sometimes a wee bit behind. But that’s not a bad thing this time around, as it means I’ve had a good chance to thoroughly test my new Avon ZZ5 tyres on my newly refurbished 8.5×19 BBS CH wheels.

Avon Tyres Audi A6

And what a testing first month they’ve had already, dealing with everything Mother Nature has thrown at the South West of England. So far they have seen ice, rain, flooding and a lot of surprise patches of standing water on the commute to FC Towers.
avon tyres
So how have the ZZ5s performed? Well amazingly is the answer. It’s been a while since I’ve run Avon Tyres and I’ve got to admit I’ve been really impressed.
avon tyres
The IATD (Intelligent Asymmetric Tread Design) tyre pattern gives great grip, and the continuous central grooves do a great job of clearing the water and keeping tyre contact with the road in the wet. Whilst in the dry they offer superb grip and keep the 1.5 tonne of A6 Avant stuck to the corners like toffee to a fat kids face. So nice one Avon!
avon tyres
Another thing I’ve also done this month is order and fit some top wheel accessories from our good friends at TPI. First up was some 5mm spacers all-round, just to bring to the wheels out a tad as they were a bit close on the inside shocks.
tpi wheel spacers
Obviously spacers also means extended wheel bolts, so I got my mitts on some TPI cold forged steel bolts and lockers to keep the tea leaves at bay. So what’s next? Well hopefully a new shiny double din headunit. Now where did I put that bloody Alpine catalogue? Hmmm.

4x Avon ZZ5 235/35/x9 Tyres £125
2x TPI 5mm 57.1 Spacers (pair) £29
16x TPI 1.50 35mm tapered 17HEX Round Wheel Bolts £1.50
TPI Locking Wheel Bolts £19.95


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