The passion wagon is down and out at errr… Down & Out…

The last few months have been pretty expensive what with car insurance and getting my wheels refurbed. And despite what people think, we are hardly on Premier League footballer’s wages here (speak for yourself – Jules), so this month I was planning on having a fairly cheap one car wise, however my air ride decided to have different ideas.

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Yep, I go to my car to start it up, the air compressor kicks into action, however it’s taking forever to fill the air tank, and I mean forever! We are talking like five minutes to add one psi, not great when you need about 100. I checked for leaks and all the normal things, but nothing, so I had to resort using a 12-volt tyre pump on the release valve to get enough air in the system to get the car off the floor.

Down&Out Component Installation

Obviously if you have plenty of tools and a garage, it’s not an issue to do it yourself. But, I live on a road where you only have to turn your back and some kid has ridden off with your socket set, so doing it on the driveway isn’t an option. Luckily for me a specialist shop that deals with suspension has just opened up in Bristol. Ladies and gentlemen let me introduce you to Down & Out, the South West’s go-to guys for all things air ride.

Audi A6 Avant Interior Work

I thought I would give them a go and damn, am I glad I did. They gave my air ride system a full service, solved the mystery issue and fitted my second VIAIR compressor that I bought ages ago. So not only is my system now lighting quick to refill, I also have a back up pump if I burn the other one out.

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So finally I’m good to go, right? Wrong, as just as I went to drive off my central locking packed in and my windows stop working. The issue? Well, it seems the rubber seal on my scuttle panel has let water into my pollen filter, subsequently filling the passenger side footwell with water. This just so happens to be the location of the comfort ECU (the bit that controls windows, seats, locking etc).

Glenn Fast Car Audi A6 Avant dog

Chris at Down & Out couldn’t have been more helpful, he said to leave it with him to sort out. So I have. He even gave me a lift home in time for dinner (bangers and mash btw!). Now that’s service!

Glenn Fast Car Audi A6 Avant boot area

VIAIR compressor and second wiring harness £0 (as already had it)
Labour £162

Total £162

Down & Out Customs
07557 799006

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