eibach-DC2-camber-adjustersIf you’ve read my projects the last few months you may be thinking how have I still not completed the simple task of fitting some wheels. Well dear reader, with silly offsets come issues and a few of them at that.

First was the fact that the hench +10 offset meant my wheels stuck out like a fat girl at an anorexics convention. The solution? Well, quite simply camber.


Luckily for me Eibach do an awesome range of gear for the DC2, so I bought a Pro Alignment rear camber arm kit and some camber adjustable Pro Alignment ball joints.

And fitting was proper simple. The rear camber arms involved simply removing two bolts either side and fitting the new units.


Whilst the fronts were just a case of removing the suspension arms, removing the ball joint, fitting the new one and putting it all back together.


Both parts offer plenty of adjustment so you can get just the right amount of camber, obviously I set it to maximum.


My second problem was the insides of the wheels catching on the calipers. So I hired the help of Iain Jones from Welding Classics to machine the metal back, and now they fit a treat. They also turn, which I’ve been told by our in house expert, Modest Matt, is a big bonus with wheels. Awesome.



So what’s next? Well, I’ve been so impressed by the quality of the Eibach gear I’ve orders some more goodies.

Eibach Pro Alignment Rear Camber Kit £121.94
Eibach Pro Alignment Front Kit £169.99




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