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Glenda’s Honda Integra DC2 – Part 23

Glenda’s Honda Integra DC2 – Part 23

Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 25th September 2013

Honda Integra SiR VTEC
As you can probably see from the pictures, it’s not been a good month for my DC2. So what happened? Well a while back my bonnet catch busted, so I decided to fasten the bonnet with some cable ties while I waited for a new one to be delivered to FC Towers. Well fast-forward a couple of weeks (ironically a few days before my bonnet catches were due to be delivered) and yep – you guessed it, the cable ties snapped, the bonnet flew open and the result is what you see here today. Luckily it happened close to home so I was able to nurse the car back.
Honda Integra SiR VTEC
It’s a real bugger, as the DC2 had recently had a new cambelt, water pump, rad, etc and was probably running the sweetest she ever has. But hey, that’s life and I’ve learnt an expensive lesson as to why you shouldn’t put things off. Unfortunately the damage is pretty bad and I have a totally wrecked bonnet, a smashed windscreen, a smashed sunroof and a dented roof.
Honda Integra SiR VTEC
The trouble is, I’ve had the Integra for just over three years now and I was planning on selling her soon. But after recent events it seems I may have to send her to the giant scrap yard in the sky instead. I know the car is salvageable, but it’s probably not worth the money and effort fixing it to sell on considering the price you can pick up a nice clean Integra Type R for these days. So chances are, by the time you read this, it will probably be finito for the Teg.
Honda Integra SiR VTEC
All that’s left to do really, is to say a big thanks to everyone that’s been involved in the project and a big thanks to the guys at Bristol Auto Transfers for helping me transport the car to our workshop. If you are in the South West and need a car transporting or someone to get your pride and joy to a show, these guys have the FC seal of approval.

So long DC2 old friend, it’s been emotional….

Car transportation £75


Bristol Auto Transfers

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