1992 Honda Integra DC2
Last month I was having major issues with the DC2, the main one being it didn’t work. But fear not, she’s alive again! So what was the problem? Well, the ignitor module on the dizzy had failed, but thanks to our Modest Matt it’s sorted now.
1992 Honda Integra DC2
Whilst the ‘Teg was down the workshop it seemed to make sense to get rid of my leaky old rad and swap it for the new Direnza aluminium high-flow radiator I recently purchased. However, we then found another problem, a leaking water pump. Bugger.
1992 Honda Integra DC2
It seems with this car it never rains but it pours – quite literally looking at the hole in the water pump.
1992 Honda Integra DC2
So I got on the blower and ordered up a new one from Jap Service Parts along with a genuine Honda timing belt kit, as it seemed as good a time as any to do that as well.
jap service parts
1992 Honda Integra DC2
Fortunately, the parts arrived next day and within half-a-day I was the happy recipient of a shiny rad, high performance coolant hoses, a water pump and a new timing belt. Fingers crossed nothing else goes wrong now.
jap service parts
Hmmm, now what’s that knocking sound…?
1992 Honda Integra DC2 engine
Direnza high flow rad £159
SFS Performance Hoses £90
Honda timing belt kit £54.99
Water pump £44.99


SFS Performance
Jap Service Parts

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