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Glenda’s Honda Integra DC2 – Part 21

Glenda’s Honda Integra DC2 – Part 21

Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 12th April 2013

matt black honda integra dc2
Meh, meh, and treble meh. First off my car randomly cuts out on the way home from FC Towers. Bugger. I get it down the lock up (just about), change the dizzy and all is good again. And then, a week later the random cutting out strikes again. Bloody cock!
matt black honda integra dc2
So it was off to the lockup again, but this time on the back of a recovery truck. Luckily, my knights in shining armour (the guys at Britannia Rescue and Hinton Rescue) made sure the ‘Teg arrived safe and sound. Which is often easier said than done when transporting a low car. So thanks guys. Unfortunately this means I’m stuck with no daily driver and on public transport until it’s fixed. Bad times indeed!
matt black honda integra dc2
But it’s not all shite news this month, as the guys at Adrian Flux did me an amazing deal on my insurance renewal. I was expecting a rise in the price this year, but amazingly it’s actually gone down and was well over £100 cheaper than the nearest rival.

matt black honda integra dc2

“Hello Adrian Flux, how can I help you?”

It’s obviously always worth shopping around for car insurance. However, this is now my 8th year straight with Adrian Flux, as it seems for me they can’t be beaten on price.
Glenn Rowswell Fast Car
But, it’s not just the price that keeps me going back; it’s also the service. It’s great to talk to insurance advisors that know what they’re talking about, something that can be increasing hard when it comes to modified cars.
matt black honda integra dc2
We’d always advise you talk to a specialist and they don’t come much more specialist than Adrian Flux. And for that we salute them. Anyway gotta go, I’ve got a bus to catch. Grrrr…

Adrian Flux renewal £550
Breakdown £0
New dizzy £0 (as I stole it of Matt’s B-series in his Caddy. Shhhh!)


Adrian Flux
Britannia Rescue
Hinton Rescue

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