Fast Car Red Bull Soap Box Race
It’s not everyday you get invited to run in the prestigious Red Bull soapbox race so, in usual FC fashion, we managed to leave it until a week or so before the event to start building our entry.
Fast Car Red Bull Soap Box Race
Now, I’ve got to say we’ve put together everything from Mil-Spec battle cruisers to full on race cars over the past few years, we’ve even rustled up a few of our own epic projects too. So we’re used to silly deadlines and all-nighters.
Fast Car Red Bull Soap Box Race
That said, this job is totally different to anything we’ve undertaken before and, as it’s the first UK soapbox for nearly a decade, we’ve got to make sure we do something a little special.
Fast Car Red Bull Soap Box Race
Still, this is FC and we don’t do anything by halves and, after being inspired by some of the monsters at this year’s FIA European Drag Racing Championships, we’ve decided to put together our very own king of speed, a full on Top Fuel drag car.
Fast Car Red Bull Soap Box Race
Okay, so it’ll have to be a scaled down version to comply with the rules, and it won’t have an engine, or go round corners very well but at least it won’t burst into flames halfway down the hill… we hope.
Fast Car Red Bull Soap Box Race
Anyway we found the perfect base, an old electric kart, which we’ll re-work into one of the craziest contraptions to ever hit these pages. Of course there was the option of scratch building a chassis but, as this one is already rocking good suspension and steering, it leaves us time for the more important stuff like parachutes, NOS kits and stickers.
Fast Car Red Bull Soap Box Race
Anyway, we’ve already set to work with the chopping and welding, pretty much making it up as we go along. We’ve only a few days to get it sorted, tested and on a van, a very big van, for Ally Pally.
Fast Car Red Bull Soap Box Race
Lucky The bods at Red Bull sent us a case of the golden nectar to keep us going… something tells me we’re gonna need it for this one!
Fast Car Red Bull Soap Box Race
Go Kart £150
Steel £100
Welding Gas £40
Red Bull £nowt


Total £290

Red Bull Soapbox

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