Competition Clutch Flywheel

Competition Clutch flywheel is 4.4Kg, OE is 9Kg

So the engine is now built and waiting to be fitted up, however I still have to mount the gearbox before I can offer it into the bay again.  With more power output I’m going to need a stronger clutch to transfer the extra torque the engine will produce.  I’ve opted for a Competition Clutch Stage 4, six pad ceramic clutch kit which is good for a 250% increase of torque!  Coupling that with a Lightweight Steel flywheel and I’m good to go, the flywheel is half the weight of the OE one, and reduced mass=increased acceleration.

Artel Metallic Hoses

Artel produce an entire kit for the Honda CRX

In order to make the cooling system more efficient [and to improve the look of the bay] I’ve got hold of a Honda CRX silicone hose kit from Artel Motorsport.  Artel have been making hoses for over 20 years, and have a wide range of car hose kits available, as well as the usual bends and straights that are needed for turbo boost hoses.  As you can see, I went for one of their metallic options, a bold colour for me, but it works well.

The Competition Clutch kit comes with a new release bearing and locating mandrel which makes fitting very simple.  I bolted the flywheel and clutch up with ARP bolts, fitted the gearbox, and sat the engine in the bay.  I also used a Hasport clutch conversion kit in order to utilise a hydraulic pedal further on in the build.

Engine Installed

Engine all bolted in, waiting to be fired up

With all that done it’s time to think about the braking system [or lack of].

Clutch and Flyhweel £447.40
Silicone Hoses £156.48
Tranmission Conversion £85
ARP Bolts £76.70
Total £680.58

Competition Clutch
Artel Motorsport
ARP Bolts

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