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Matt’s VTEC Caddy – Part 3

Matt’s VTEC Caddy – Part 3

Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 23rd March 2012

Competition Clutch Flywheel

Competition Clutch flywheel is 4.4Kg, OE is 9Kg

So the engine is now built and waiting to be fitted up, however I still have to mount the gearbox before I can offer it into the bay again.  With more power output I’m going to need a stronger clutch to transfer the extra torque the engine will produce.  I’ve opted for a Competition Clutch Stage 4, six pad ceramic clutch kit which is good for a 250% increase of torque!  Coupling that with a Lightweight Steel flywheel and I’m good to go, the flywheel is half the weight of the OE one, and reduced mass=increased acceleration.

Artel Metallic Hoses

Artel produce an entire kit for the Honda CRX

In order to make the cooling system more efficient [and to improve the look of the bay] I’ve got hold of a Honda CRX silicone hose kit from Artel Motorsport.  Artel have been making hoses for over 20 years, and have a wide range of car hose kits available, as well as the usual bends and straights that are needed for turbo boost hoses.  As you can see, I went for one of their metallic options, a bold colour for me, but it works well.

The Competition Clutch kit comes with a new release bearing and locating mandrel which makes fitting very simple.  I bolted the flywheel and clutch up with ARP bolts, fitted the gearbox, and sat the engine in the bay.  I also used a Hasport clutch conversion kit in order to utilise a hydraulic pedal further on in the build.

Engine Installed

Engine all bolted in, waiting to be fired up

With all that done it’s time to think about the braking system [or lack of].

Clutch and Flyhweel £447.40
Silicone Hoses £156.48
Tranmission Conversion £85
ARP Bolts £76.70
Total £680.58

Competition Clutch
Artel Motorsport
ARP Bolts

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