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Heaven on Wheels 2015

at 08:46am March 27 2015

A quick look back at Heaven on Wheels 2015, a great video by the guys at ILL MOTIVE.

The Passion

at 11:18am March 26 2015

Check out this great short documentary film ‘The Passion’ from Archive Media, a story about one man’s passion for cars and his car culture journey.

Auto Finesse does Ultimate Dubs 2015

at 11:05am March 20 2015

A look back at this year’s Ultimate Dubs through the eyes of our good friends at Auto Finesse.

Bengee’s Mk5 VW Golf

at 09:49am March 20 2015

Take a look at this great video of Bengee’s Iron Man inspired VW Mk5 Golf on RAD48 LR 2.0 wheels . Wow!

FourtyFour Mercedes W115

at 08:15am March 19 2015

Old school, badass and slammed to the floor – it’s the FourtyFour Mercedes W115.

Stanced Mk1 Audi TT

at 10:45am March 18 2015

A great video looking at Dale Buckley’s stunning stanced Mk1 Audi TT…

More Ultimate Dubs 2015

at 11:30am March 17 2015

Another day, another awesome Ultimate Dubs 2015 video. Enjoy!

Ultimate Dubs 2015

at 12:06pm March 16 2015

The dust has barely settled at the Telford International Centre and we already have the first Ultimate Dubs 2015 video.

Fitted Friday 2

at 10:27am March 16 2015

Over 700 cars and Oz’s only Liberty Walk GTR hit Australia’s Eastern Creek Raceway for Fitted Friday 2. Enjoy!

Low Independence Meet

at 11:00am March 13 2015

A look back at the Low Independence Meet in Kiev, Ukraine.

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