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Posted by Matt Bell on 29th September 2020

While on the face of it the Supra and the M2 share a lot of DNA, these two tuned examples take them further apart. Can the HKS Supra GR take on the Assist BMW M2 and win? Time to find out.

We’ve been watching Touge showdowns for years. Featuring some of the best Japanese drivers around in Keiichi Tsuchiya (otherwise known as Drift King) and Max Orido, the pair take the HKS Supra GR and the Assist BMW M2 to the limit on the Gunsai Touge.

The BMW M2 now uses a Bootmod 3 tuned ECU with a new exhaust and downpipes, as well as new suspension, wheels, Advan A052 tyres, Recaro bucket seats and a new LSD to put down the 420PS of power. While the Supra GR is tuned by none other than HKS, although its modifications list hasn’t been specified.

In stock form, both cars have a similar feel, with the BMW M2 edging it when it comes to out and out thrills. That being said, the Supra GR was always one or two steps behind in terms of the way it feels, leaning on the side of comfort over performance. This appears to have been tended to by HKS here in this showdown and is all the better for it.

So, B58 vs N55, HKS Supra GR vs Assist BMW M2, who do you think takes it?