Two editors, 4 epic challenges, but only ONE winner. Introducing the Ed to Ed Build Off with Adrian Flux

Jamie ‘Midge’ Burr, editor of Banzai Magazine, and Jules Truss, editor of Fast Car, are going head to head in a Japanese car battle that will see them each buy the other a vehicle that will become a project car.

With a total budget each of £5000, the boys will buy one another a Jap car that they will then be tasked with modifying and showing throughout the year at shows including Japfest and TRAX.

The first of those events will be Japfest Silverstone, where both cars will be on display and Midge and Jules will be under pressure to deliver some live mods – before we reveal exactly what challenges lie ahead.

Hit play to see what they’ve bought and if you want to see the cars in the flesh (though we wouldn’t bother) check them out at Japfest Silverstone on 5th May

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