Glenn Rowswell at 11:42 am, 17th October 2017


    When it comes to screaming high RPM performance engines, one name instantly spring to mind: VTEC. And here we’re going to show you how you can make your VTEC engine perform better and faster!

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  • Fast Car Beginner’s Guide To Suspension

    Glenn Rowswell at 10:42 am, 5th April 2017

    Fast Car Beginner’s Guide To Suspension

    Air, juice, hydros, bags, whatever you choose, active suspension systems have been around almost as long as cars have existed. Here's a brief guide to what you need to know...

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  • Fast Car German Diesel Tuning Guide

    Glenn Rowswell at 11:49 am, 13th February 2017

    Fast Car German Diesel Tuning Guide

    Low revving economy-mobiles or big boosting torque monsters? Or how about both? We reveal all in our guide to tuning German diesel cars...

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  • Fast Car Gauge Guide

    Glenn Rowswell at 1:07 pm, 10th October 2016

    Fast Car Gauge Guide

    Yes they look pretty when lit up, but more importantly gauges play a vital part in keeping your car's engine healthy. We look at why you need gauges in your modified car and exactly what they do...

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