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Best 5 Oil System Modifications

Best 5 Oil System Modifications

Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 26th September 2016

When you run a tuned car, there’s more to oil than simply choosing the correct type – as even the best oils can’t cope if the engine’s oil system isn’t up to scratch.

While no oil system upgrades improve engine performance, for tuned engines and track use, some rapidly become vital if you want to avoid big repair bills. Here are some of the most common upgrades and how they can help you…

best oil system modifications tuning performance

1. Oil cooler

If you use your car hard on track, it can be easy for your oil temps to raise to dangerously high levels. To prevent this, an oil cooler is needed. An oil cooler is simply the oil equivalent of your car’s water radiator, and provided it has suitable airflow, even a relatively small one can do a good job of keeping oil temperatures under control. It’s important on a road car that you fit an oil cooler setup with a thermostat, as if the oil is constantly circulated through the cooler it can take a very long time to reach operating temp, or even drop below it at speed, which is potentially more damaging than overly hot oil.

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